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Ant Lessons

I noticed a large black ant or maybe it was a rather large little black ant crawling on my bathroom window sill this morning. I assume this ant is a scout or merely lost since I see no others in sight. Ants and ant hills have always intrigued me. A colony of ants could grab my attention for quite a while when I was growing up. I would watch the army of ants labor a miniscule food scrap back to the mound, amazed by their determination. Ants are grand teachers of goal making. I suppose I would classify them as overachievers, or workaholics. In nature, they have certainly learned the art of survival. I recall having an ant funeral by sea with my playmates one afternoon. I had discovered a dead ant, so we laid it on a green leaf and set it afloat down the neigborhood creek after giving it a brief, but solemn eulogy. I still enjoy sitting in the grass and watching ants toil in the soil. I think ants could use a lesson in the art of relaxation.

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