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Itchy Palms

Although there is some scientific explanation as to why our palms can itch, my experience with itchy palms leans more toward superstition or intuition. I have learned that an itchy palm is an indicator of fortune coming my way. I can expect that money will find its way into my hands very soon, usually within 24 hours. An itchy palm will deliver me a check in the mail or actual cash handed over to me. The amount isn't always significant, sometimes when I'm expecting cash due to the familiar itching a penny will be found on the sidewalk when I go for a walk. A penny doesn't disappoint me because I understand the law of attraction.

We need to be open to abundance in all forms to assure that wealth continuously makes a pathway toward us. If you refuse a small blessing such as a shiney (or dirty) coin in the roadway because you can't be bothered to stoop down to pick it up, the universe takes note of it. You would be in essence sending out the message that you are not grateful for this gift. Next time when there is a loose hundred dollar bill floating around in the wind, it won't be landing at your feet. The universe will see to it that it will go to another person who is more "open to receiving."

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Sometimes that penny can indicate the start of a larger manifestation. Like that first drop of rain you feel as the clouds darken before a summer storm. It is a sign that your vibration is shifting toward more abundance coming into your life and if you are grateful for that penny or whatever ever else you receive then more will be on it's way.

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