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Party Ice Breaker - Ch-ching

I found a nickel on the floor at the supermarket yesterday under the gumball machines. I love hefty fat nickels. A fistful of nickels make me feel happy, and open to possibilities.

This made me think about a party ice breaker that was used at a gathering I attended when I was a junior in high school. This was really a gathering of people interested in the dramatic arts that a classmate in my drama class invited me to attend with him.

We had been asked to bring with us 4 coins (a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter). Each of us were asked to hold the coins in our hands and silently consider for a few moments how we felt about money and specifically how we felt about each coin individually. That was interesting. Then we were told we would be allowed to keep only one of the coins, the other three were to be thrown into a jar that was to be used to help pay for the beverages our host had prepared for us.

I threw in my quarter, dime, and penny into the jar.... keeping the nickel for myself.

Then we were asked in turn to explain why we kept the one coin.

My answer:

Quarters to me are for saving. My first allowance amounted to one quarter each week while I attended grade school. Along with the responsibility of having an allowance my parents taught me the importance of not spending all of it, I was asked to save as much as I could and to consider carefully what I spent it on. If I saved my quarters over several weeks I would have a significant amount to get something I really wanted with the total savings.

Pennies to me were also for saving because I had started a small penny collection.

Dimes to me are small and easily lost. I lost one on my walk to the gas station to buyt a bottle of cream soda one day as a child and never found it again. It had slipped through my fingers somehow. No cool drink for me that day.

I chose to keep the nickel because as a child I thought it was quite wonderous that two nickels held the same value as a dime (a coin that was smaller in size). Having two nickels meant more value to me then than a single dime. You could save one, and spend one.... plus I never lost a trusty nickel on my way to get a soda.

After everyone talked about why they chose their favorite coin we were then asked to give it away to another person in the group. That was hard..... who could I trust with my Trusty Nickel?

I thought it was an interesting game to play. It was fun to hear what others had to say about their coins. Can you remember earning your first dollar? Which coin would you choose as your favorite and why?

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