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July 19, 2005

Spirit's Choosing

Yesterday I received an interesting email from a potential client interested in my flower essence formulas.

He wrote "How intuitive is your selecter of Spirit's Choosing? That good?" I assume he didn't realize that he was writing to the very person who intuits this individualized formula. Basically, he was asking me if my intutitive skills are any good. That put me in an interesting position. Did he expect me to answer him "Yes, I'm Really Good"? --- and secondly, do I actually think I'm really good? I do know that some psychics have been scientifically tested and have been awarded some percentile of accuracy in their predictions, (Medium, Allison Dubois scores near 80%, Clairvoyant Tonya Somers claims a 95% accuracy rate, Astrologer Stephanie St. Ellen Claire reports 80-90% accuracy in her readings). But really, how is accuracy really measured? In my work as an intuitive counselor I've always challenged my clients to only accept intuitive information that "feels right" to them. I'm not interested in leading the blind down any dark or enlightened alley ways. I don't have any problem holding the lantern to help shine the light on a path a person wants to walk. Sometimes it is scary to venture into new places by yourself. I understand that, but don't expect me to have all the answers for you. I don't predict outcomes. That's a role I've chosen not to embrace.

I think this is why I don't care to label myself as a "psychic." I am much more comfortable calling myself an intuitive counselor. I don't want anyone to be fully dependent on any advice I might offer them. I will gladly share any intuitive messages that come though me that are meant for my clients, but beyond that I don't have a dog in the fight in interpreting what any given message might actually mean. The saying "Don't Shoot The Messenger" comes to mind.

If you're wondering how I answered the question "How good are you?" Here is my response:

    As to your question about "how good" I am at intuitively choosing essences - Hmmm, I've never had anyone ask me that question before. I've not had any complaints from anyone who has ordered the Spirit's Choosing formulas. Basically I get the information by intuitively opening up communications with your spirit guides. They interact with my inner guidance team and the flower devas. Together, we come up with a decision on which essences might best serve you at the time of your order. I don't know what more to say about that, although I fully understand your curiosity. If you are hesitant in trusting the process, then I'd recommend not ordering Spirit's Choosing.

July 11, 2005

I Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

If you know what it means for someone to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you should have the common sense not to get too close to that person. Give her plenty of time and space to clear out the grouchiness. Fair warning: Please keep your distance from me today or I'll likely bite your head off. It won't be your fault, but whatever you say to me might not be taken kindly even if it is meant as a compliment. I'm out of sorts, and am easily agitated by the slightest annoyances. What's up with that? I returned home last evening from traveling. It often takes me a day or two before settling into a normal routine after returning home from a trip. Today seems extra rough considering we were only gone for a couple of days. I guess it doesn't matter if I'm gone two days or two weeks if it involves air travel and a different time zone -- my sensibilities are knocked out from their normalcy. I will allow myself another day to keep to myself and recoup my energies and not concern myself with why I'm being such a crank. At least this is a temporary feeling, not a lingering feeling I'm dealing with. I'm catching up on my emails and am happy to see that my ankles are returning to a normal size. Swollen ankles are no fun, this often occurs when I fly. Try these travel tips for sensitive souls if you too find it takes time to snap back into your routine after returning home from a trip.

Ten Ways To Get Out Of A Funk

July 5, 2005

Foreign Accent Syndrome

As the Guide to About Holistic Healing one of my duties is to help moderate the forum associated with the Web site. There is a new topic posted by a member asking about Foreign Accent Syndrome, a condition her sister has been diagnosed with. My first reaction was that this may be a case of a Walk-In, which is a type of soul agreement when one soul exits a body while another enters and takes up vacancy there. Sometimes the exchange is permanent, while other times the walk-in soul is offering a respite period for the orignal soul which will come back "home" at an agreed upon time. It might be interesting how this discussion progresses.

Michael Newton says:

    "I am troubled by the walk-in theory as another escape mechanism. I believe the whole idea of walk-ins to be a false concept. According to the proponents of this theory, tens of thousands of souls now on this planet came directly into their physical body without going through the normal process of birth and childhood." More about Walk-Ins from Michael

Ten Top Signs You Might Be A Walk-In

July 3, 2005

Flakey and Fabulous

It has just been pointed out to me by one of my About.com associates that my name was mentioned in a review of About.com in today's issue of the UK Sunday Times. I think I've just been called a Flake.

    New dawn for knowledge
    Why spend hours poring over reference books? Robbie Hudson finds interactive gems that put the fun into fact-finding

    Five stars

    You want a video tutorial on how to improve your golf swing or learn to break-dance. Well, search engines are clever, no doubt about it, but they are not necessarily the best way to find needles in the digital haystack. About.com is. Founded in 1997 and accessed by an estimated one in five net surfers, this fount of wisdom contains hundreds of topic-specific subsites, covering everything from attention-deficit disorder to zoology, each hosted by an expert editor. These specialists — among them the fabulously named Phylameana lila Désy (holistic healing) and the rather less flaky Courtney Kraft (colds and flu) — maintain well-edited portals that contain practical advice, helpful links and plenty of video clips. About.com’s strength is its breadth: tips for travelling in Scotland, for instance, sit alongside suggestions about where to find classical-music radio online. It calls itself the Human Internet, and it should definitely be part of your searching strategy.

Read more Web site reviews by Robbie Hudson

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