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Flakey and Fabulous

It has just been pointed out to me by one of my About.com associates that my name was mentioned in a review of About.com in today's issue of the UK Sunday Times. I think I've just been called a Flake.

    New dawn for knowledge
    Why spend hours poring over reference books? Robbie Hudson finds interactive gems that put the fun into fact-finding

    Five stars

    You want a video tutorial on how to improve your golf swing or learn to break-dance. Well, search engines are clever, no doubt about it, but they are not necessarily the best way to find needles in the digital haystack. About.com is. Founded in 1997 and accessed by an estimated one in five net surfers, this fount of wisdom contains hundreds of topic-specific subsites, covering everything from attention-deficit disorder to zoology, each hosted by an expert editor. These specialists — among them the fabulously named Phylameana lila Désy (holistic healing) and the rather less flaky Courtney Kraft (colds and flu) — maintain well-edited portals that contain practical advice, helpful links and plenty of video clips. About.com’s strength is its breadth: tips for travelling in Scotland, for instance, sit alongside suggestions about where to find classical-music radio online. It calls itself the Human Internet, and it should definitely be part of your searching strategy.

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