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Foreign Accent Syndrome

As the Guide to About Holistic Healing one of my duties is to help moderate the forum associated with the Web site. There is a new topic posted by a member asking about Foreign Accent Syndrome, a condition her sister has been diagnosed with. My first reaction was that this may be a case of a Walk-In, which is a type of soul agreement when one soul exits a body while another enters and takes up vacancy there. Sometimes the exchange is permanent, while other times the walk-in soul is offering a respite period for the orignal soul which will come back "home" at an agreed upon time. It might be interesting how this discussion progresses.

Michael Newton says:

    "I am troubled by the walk-in theory as another escape mechanism. I believe the whole idea of walk-ins to be a false concept. According to the proponents of this theory, tens of thousands of souls now on this planet came directly into their physical body without going through the normal process of birth and childhood." More about Walk-Ins from Michael

Ten Top Signs You Might Be A Walk-In

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