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I Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

If you know what it means for someone to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you should have the common sense not to get too close to that person. Give her plenty of time and space to clear out the grouchiness. Fair warning: Please keep your distance from me today or I'll likely bite your head off. It won't be your fault, but whatever you say to me might not be taken kindly even if it is meant as a compliment. I'm out of sorts, and am easily agitated by the slightest annoyances. What's up with that? I returned home last evening from traveling. It often takes me a day or two before settling into a normal routine after returning home from a trip. Today seems extra rough considering we were only gone for a couple of days. I guess it doesn't matter if I'm gone two days or two weeks if it involves air travel and a different time zone -- my sensibilities are knocked out from their normalcy. I will allow myself another day to keep to myself and recoup my energies and not concern myself with why I'm being such a crank. At least this is a temporary feeling, not a lingering feeling I'm dealing with. I'm catching up on my emails and am happy to see that my ankles are returning to a normal size. Swollen ankles are no fun, this often occurs when I fly. Try these travel tips for sensitive souls if you too find it takes time to snap back into your routine after returning home from a trip.

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