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August 29, 2005

Chakracise Your Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra is associated with the color yellow. Our egos and intuitions reside in this space. Our personal self-esteem is reflected by the healthfulness or lack of healthfulness of this chakra. Experiencing difficulty maintaining your personal power likely signifies that your third chakra is damaged or compromised. This intuitive chakra is also the source from which we get those "gut feelings" that signal us to take action or to avoid something. When this chakra is functioning optimally our intuitive skills are enhanced.

Indicators that this chakra is not functioning optimally: Feeling overwhelmed or crowded, ultra-sensitivity, fearful of life in general
Chakracises to stimulate your solar plexus chakra: Belly dancing, Doing the Twist, Hoola Hooping

August 25, 2005

Mustard Jar Desperation

A sandwich isn't as good without a generous slather of mustard on the bread. That's my opinion anyway.

Several years ago I was having a rough time - a personal crisis was bubbling inside of me. I was facing what I thought at the time would be a life-altering decision I needed to make. I was having difficulty deciding what to do. My mind and heart were battling one another as to which path I should follow. I didn't know if I had the strength to make this decision and continually put the problem on the back burner-- choosing to ignore the inevitable.

The crisis point came to me late at night one evening when I was in my kitchen preparing a turkey sandwich for myself. I didn't even know why I was making a sandwich. I wasn't particularly hungry. I reached inside the cupboard for a new jar of mustard. The lid was stubbornly sticking to the jar. After several attempts to open the jar I sat on the floor tightly gribbing the jar in my hands. The whole while tears were streaming down my face. How was I ever going to move forward in my life when I could be defeated so easily by a jar of mustard? The challenge I was facing at that period of my life seemed insurmountable.

August 20, 2005

Carnival of Healing #4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Carnival of Healing. This is the first time that the carnival has traveled away from home. If this is your first visit to my Spiral Visions Blog, welcome! And, if this is a return visit, then you may notice a few decorating changes have been done. Either way, thanks for visiting!

Tiger Totem Traits: Passion, Power, Devotion, Sensuality, Healing, Clairvoyance, Prophecy

Looking Ahead: Next week our carnival host will be Jodie Foster at Intuitive Innovations. You can send your submissions directly to her, otherwise if you prefer to use the official carnival submission form, I will happily forward next week's submissions on to her. Thanks!

So here starts the travelblog entries of our carnival:

Tai Chi Heartwork - Steven Moore writes about "the thinking mind" and "the open heart" in his blog post Heart World. "An open heart produces life: the coming together of things that would normally remain separate. The heart swallows and the resultant energy produces new things. This is the creative process."

Isthmus Nekoi posts systems versus symbols, citing common errors with modern astrology from his her blog, Oculus Divinorum. It is primarily a critique on an Lisa Dale Millers article, Full Moon in Aquarius, Friday Aug. 19.

I'm always on the lookout for tools that help the sensitive or empathic individual from being bombarded with outside stimuli. Jenna Avery (The Art of Sensitive Living Blog) suggests using discernment as a filter so that we can direct our attention to those things that are truly important and discard the rest.

Quintessential Sophism Blog: Molly describes her first sweat lodge experience. She writes about the preparation for the ceremony (building the lodge, preparing medicine bundles,), intentional prayer meditation, honoring children of the world, and exploration of past lifes and past deaths.
Personal Note: Reading Molly's account stirred memories of my first sweat lodge experience.

168 Feng Shui Advisors: The Fish Factor
What I learned from reading this article:
The element of water inside the fish bowl is more important that your goldfish.
What I already knew before reading this article
Don't allow the water in your fish bowl to grow stagnant.

Afraid of the Dark - Essay on obsession people have with evil and darkness.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Truth Realization - Eddie Traversa asks Just how real is pain? He writes about hypnosis.

Crystal Power Blog: Chakra Balancing Meditation - "You can’t overdo chakra balancing, and it’s a relaxing and simple way to meditate."

The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of healing information from blogs all over the Internet. To have your blog or personal site featured in a future carnival round-up please end your submission via the Carnival of Healing Submit Form or use the Carnival Submit Form hosted by The Conservative Cat Web site.

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August 16, 2005

Absentia Chakra Balancing Sessions

Today I conducted a chakra session for a client via long distance. I don't usually conduct absentia chakra alignment sessions, preferring to work with clients hands-on. But occasionally, I will agree to facilitating treatments via long distance for a client. I feel that participating in long distance sessions requires a high level of trust between the client and healer to achieve optimal results. In today's case I have a history working with this individual. We have formed a comfortable client/healer relationship over several months doing in-person energy sessions.

How did the session go?

I cannot say what my client's experience was since we have not spoken about it as yet. Even if I knew, I could only speak in generalities because all my healing sessions are considered sacred, details are kept confidential. But from a healer's perspective, I feel the session went pretty much like it would have if it had been done in person. I noticed an achy feeling in my hands that doesn't generally happen when I'm conducting in-person treatments. I felt the achiness I was experiencing indicated a strong and steady energetic transmission across the miles. It wasn't uncomfortable in the least, just noticeable.

Update- August 17: My client reported positive experience on the receiving end of the absentia healing work that was done yesterday and wishes to further the healing process along through additional sessions.


August 7, 2005

Miss Mrs or Ms? - Tributes To My Teachers

Last night, as I lay in bed, my mind was flittering about from one thought to another as it often does. I am not someone that nods off immediately after my head hits the pillow. Instead, my mind is left to its own devices. I might mentally rehash the day, plan out tomorrow's agenda, or wander off to the most curious of thoughts.

For some reason, I was remembering all my elementary school teachers. They were all women. I was recalling each of their names and remembering tidbits about their individual personalities. Then, amazingly, I realized that there was a mathematical sequence to the respectful titles we as students were expected to call them ... it went like this: Mrs, Miss, Mrs, Miss, Mrs, Miss. Funny how little discoveries, such as this will amaze a person who is drowsily drifting off to sleep. The same information is not nearly as amazing upon awaking.

In my odd grades (1st, 3rd, and 5th) my teachers were married women, and in the even grades (2nd, 4th, and 6th) my teachers were old maids. Of course we didn't call them "old maids" to their faces, only in the playground when we hoped no adults would hear us. It was usually the misses that loved their students the most, or so it seemed. The married teachers had their own children to go home and love when the school day was over.

I guess Ms wasn't an option for school marms to use in the early sixties when I attended grade school. Come to think of it, I never had a Ms for a teacher even in my high school classes. Was it a feminist movement to adopt the usage of Ms? Probably. Adopting Ms freed a woman to have a different choice. A so-called "Ms" could be an unmarried woman, a divorced woman, or a married woman choosing not to be aligned too significantly to her husband.

Personally, I think labels can box in our personalities, and should be used minimally.

In any case I'd like to end this post in tribute to the teaching women who impressed a young girl in their own special ways.

First Grade: Mrs. Geneva Walworth, who I suspect may have had a mild case of OCD. She taught us to clean up our messes at the end of each school day. She wrote on my report card that was sent home to my parents that I acted immature in her class. Hey! I was only five years old! AND, I was shy. (1960-1961)

Second Grade: Miss Evelyn Wiegel (pronounced wiggle), a tall and pretty woman (I wonder if she really was that tall, or only seemed to be from a small child's perspective). She understood that children learned things differently and was okay with taking time with each student individually if needed. She loved the space program and introduced the name, John Glenn, into our young vocabularies. She told me that I was a nice little girl. I was! (1961-1962)

Third Grade: Mrs. Frances Ostrom, a middle aged woman with graying hair. Her laughter boomed louder that anyone I had ever heard before. I suspected that was why our classroom was positioned in the basement in order to buffer her boisterous outbursts. She didn't necessarily have good control over students' shennanigans in the classroom. She was fun to be around. I don't remember her all that well actually. But I do recall a sneaky kiss that was planted on my neck near my ear in the cloakroom by a boy named Larry. (1962-1963)

Fourth Grade: Miss Wahnita Pinkerton, I don't think I ever saw her wear pink. Music was her passion. We had a piano in our classroom that she often played for us. I'm not sure how she handled having a tone-deaf student like me under her care. She required each of us to sing a solo in front of the class. I sang I've Been Working On The Railroad. What a nightmare. Miss Pinkerton cried the day JFK died, and we children did too. (1963-1964)

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Margaret Neldner, compassionate, but aloof most of the time. I suspect she may have been an empath who guarded her boundaries carefully. It was difficult to read her. I felt invisible in her classroom most days. But, when my cat died that year, I remember her giving me the warmest hug ever. I needed that!(1964-1965)

Sixth Grade: Miss Helen Wasson, the fattest teacher I ever had, and not the jolliest either. But I don't mean that in a bad way. Miss Wasson loved her students fiercely, much like a lioness protects her cubs. She was my all-time-favorite teacher, even with all her flaws. I loved her because she wasn't afraid to show her vulnerabilites. Was she too possessive? Probably. But for a student facing a scary time -adolescence- having a defender like Miss Wasson to help keep a flighty girl grounded was a God send. She once told me I was a good dancer (square dancing... laugh). She also once told me not to act so uppity. She only had to tell me that once. (1965-1966)
Note:. Square Dancing is number one reason in Tennesse for homeschooling. Say What??

And a special tribute goes to Mrs. Modine, my speech therapist from grades 1st through 3rd. She loved the color purple. She drove a purple car, rode a purple bicycle, wore purple framed eyeglasses, and graded our homework papers with purple ink from her Lindy pens. She taught me how to pronounce my R's and L's correctly. I still remember the day I could finally say "refrigerator" without pause (four r's in refrigerator!) and it was a small miracle when I could say "walk with my legs" instead of "wok with my eggs." Her teaching style was very affirming. (1960-1962)

How We Can See Teachers

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