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Absentia Chakra Balancing Sessions

Today I conducted a chakra session for a client via long distance. I don't usually conduct absentia chakra alignment sessions, preferring to work with clients hands-on. But occasionally, I will agree to facilitating treatments via long distance for a client. I feel that participating in long distance sessions requires a high level of trust between the client and healer to achieve optimal results. In today's case I have a history working with this individual. We have formed a comfortable client/healer relationship over several months doing in-person energy sessions.

How did the session go?

I cannot say what my client's experience was since we have not spoken about it as yet. Even if I knew, I could only speak in generalities because all my healing sessions are considered sacred, details are kept confidential. But from a healer's perspective, I feel the session went pretty much like it would have if it had been done in person. I noticed an achy feeling in my hands that doesn't generally happen when I'm conducting in-person treatments. I felt the achiness I was experiencing indicated a strong and steady energetic transmission across the miles. It wasn't uncomfortable in the least, just noticeable.

Update- August 17: My client reported positive experience on the receiving end of the absentia healing work that was done yesterday and wishes to further the healing process along through additional sessions.


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