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Carnival of Healing #4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Carnival of Healing. This is the first time that the carnival has traveled away from home. If this is your first visit to my Spiral Visions Blog, welcome! And, if this is a return visit, then you may notice a few decorating changes have been done. Either way, thanks for visiting!

Tiger Totem Traits: Passion, Power, Devotion, Sensuality, Healing, Clairvoyance, Prophecy

Looking Ahead: Next week our carnival host will be Jodie Foster at Intuitive Innovations. You can send your submissions directly to her, otherwise if you prefer to use the official carnival submission form, I will happily forward next week's submissions on to her. Thanks!

So here starts the travelblog entries of our carnival:

Tai Chi Heartwork - Steven Moore writes about "the thinking mind" and "the open heart" in his blog post Heart World. "An open heart produces life: the coming together of things that would normally remain separate. The heart swallows and the resultant energy produces new things. This is the creative process."

Isthmus Nekoi posts systems versus symbols, citing common errors with modern astrology from his her blog, Oculus Divinorum. It is primarily a critique on an Lisa Dale Millers article, Full Moon in Aquarius, Friday Aug. 19.

I'm always on the lookout for tools that help the sensitive or empathic individual from being bombarded with outside stimuli. Jenna Avery (The Art of Sensitive Living Blog) suggests using discernment as a filter so that we can direct our attention to those things that are truly important and discard the rest.

Quintessential Sophism Blog: Molly describes her first sweat lodge experience. She writes about the preparation for the ceremony (building the lodge, preparing medicine bundles,), intentional prayer meditation, honoring children of the world, and exploration of past lifes and past deaths.
Personal Note: Reading Molly's account stirred memories of my first sweat lodge experience.

168 Feng Shui Advisors: The Fish Factor
What I learned from reading this article:
The element of water inside the fish bowl is more important that your goldfish.
What I already knew before reading this article
Don't allow the water in your fish bowl to grow stagnant.

Afraid of the Dark - Essay on obsession people have with evil and darkness.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Truth Realization - Eddie Traversa asks Just how real is pain? He writes about hypnosis.

Crystal Power Blog: Chakra Balancing Meditation - "You can’t overdo chakra balancing, and it’s a relaxing and simple way to meditate."

The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of healing information from blogs all over the Internet. To have your blog or personal site featured in a future carnival round-up please end your submission via the Carnival of Healing Submit Form or use the Carnival Submit Form hosted by The Conservative Cat Web site.

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