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Mustard Jar Desperation

A sandwich isn't as good without a generous slather of mustard on the bread. That's my opinion anyway.

Several years ago I was having a rough time - a personal crisis was bubbling inside of me. I was facing what I thought at the time would be a life-altering decision I needed to make. I was having difficulty deciding what to do. My mind and heart were battling one another as to which path I should follow. I didn't know if I had the strength to make this decision and continually put the problem on the back burner-- choosing to ignore the inevitable.

The crisis point came to me late at night one evening when I was in my kitchen preparing a turkey sandwich for myself. I didn't even know why I was making a sandwich. I wasn't particularly hungry. I reached inside the cupboard for a new jar of mustard. The lid was stubbornly sticking to the jar. After several attempts to open the jar I sat on the floor tightly gribbing the jar in my hands. The whole while tears were streaming down my face. How was I ever going to move forward in my life when I could be defeated so easily by a jar of mustard? The challenge I was facing at that period of my life seemed insurmountable.

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