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September 17, 2005

Carnival of Healing #8: Infinity

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Carnival of Healing! I chose infinity as the theme for this Saturday's carnival because I can be a freak about symbolism. The symbol for infinity resembles an eight on its side. In numerology an 8 represents infinity, material prosperity, self-power, and abundance.


Lifejournal blogger, thehotpinkheat, reposts Infinity Meditation (I hope she obtained reprint permission).

an infinity of zeroes, a poem written by Penelope Troxell

ThaiKickboxer (aka Kapha Chick) debuts her new blog healing the healer with What's Eye-Yurr-Veda?, opening a discussion about Ayurveda basics. Kapha Chick says: "The (Ayurvedic Medicine) theory is that we have all five of the elements within us: infinity, air, fire, water, and earth."

Accidental abstract painter, Serena, from The Brooklyn Days, writes about her recent painting: for Caroline: gazing on infinity, in a seemingly disconnected dialog about her human insecurities. She says "I don't know why I think people will get sick of me if I continue to exist." I think I like Serena's intensity and honesty.

I submitted my smile to Absolute Infinity's Smile Gallery.
You can send your smile to Karen here

Healthy Dieting:

Open Your Eyes to a Much Healthier Way of Eating
Steve Pavlina at Personal Development for Smart People reviews the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. The basic teaching is to stay clear of consuming refined foods. Steve says "The calorie theory (factor in weight gain) is just plain wrong. The reason that calorie restriction seems to help with weight loss is that if you keep your overall diet the same and then restrict calories, you’re also restricting your intake of junk foods."


Evelyn Rodriguez of Crossroads Dispatches submits One Thing You Should Know About John Battelle, Five Things You Should Know About Yoga. Evelyn likes to pique business people's interest in yoga and provide a few facts about yoga.


    Everything Comes Back. Life is a Full Circle.
    Sometimes the Circle is lopsided or looks like a loop, much like the infinity symbol.

Cynthia Davidson offers an invitation for carnival readers to visit her Website: Wisdom Wheel: Bedrock Principles of Daily Life. Her 1000 day journal is based on 36 Universal Laws. She is promoting a commercial email subscription service. Your cost: ($5 per month for 36 months).

Thank You And Come Again:

Thank you for attending this week's carnival. Return to our carnival each week on Saturdays to review new and interesting links about healing.

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