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Carnival of Healing #13: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Welcome to the 13th edition of the Carnival of Healing!! I'll begin with our carnival attractions before I share my cherry-picked links which are focused on "lucky" or "unlucky" number 13, superstitions and old wives tales. Did you know that our superstitions and familial beliefs are stored in the root chakra?

A Healthy Superstition: An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

This Week's Carnival Attractions

Lucy MacDonald shares Five Things You Should Know About Forgiveness on her Positive Perspectives blog. I agree with Lucy that "choosing to forgive" is a powerful action. Holding on to grudges and hatred can eat us alive and cause the pain of our initial infliction to grow much deeper.

Evelyn Rodriguez has "struck a chord (of silence)" within me in her blog post It's Easy to Say No When There's a Deeper Yes! Burning Inside. I can truly appreciate the need to quiet the noise. When I am asked what my favorite music is, my response is "silence." I tend to keep the volume of my computer turned off most days. This is because I get annoyed by some Web sites that have intrusive sound files built into them that will invade my silent space. This noise is uninvited and not welcome. Evelyn says "There is, of course, a place for noise in our lives. There is a place for roaring with laughter and crying out in pain, for shouting at a baseball game and talking with our friends, for singing hymns and saying prayers, for orchestras and applause. But..."

Steve Pavlina, one of our frequent contributors, shares Polyphasic Sleep which involves sleeping in short intervals rather than banking your sleep hours all at once in one longer session. Plus, your actual sleeping time is reduced by approximately thirty to forty hours per week... Wow! The subject of sleep is timely for me because I've been experiencing bouts of insomnia for quite awhile now. Beginning this past week, I have been trying to slip into a healthier sleep routine by retiring to my bedroom at the same time each night regardless if I feel sleepy or not. So, for right now I don't think my sleep deprived body would be a good candidate to give polyphasic sleep a try, but Steve says he's going to experiment with it and also plans to blog his experience. I think I'll keep one eye open (while the other eye sleeps) on his blog to read his thoughts as this sleep experiment gets underway. Steve's Sleep Log - Day 1

Put on a Smiley Face - Working mother, Barbara, Trying to Catch Up, wants to brighten up our carnival with a bit of optimism. She suggests says Happiness is a Choice and suggests you start singing if you find your self stuck in a traffic jam. Barbara reminds me of my daughter, Amber, who also has Contagious Optimism. And if you don't think happiness is a choice, Jodie Foster might be able to change your mind when you read her article Choosing Happiness: It’s actually your choice.

Charles E. Donovan reports in his blog, VNS-Cafe, that he was one of the study subjects in the FDA investigational trial of VNS Therapy in treating depression. Charles says "Vagus nerve stimulation is the only FDA approved long term treatment option for chronic or recurrent depression. These are patients that have not responded to traditional antidepressants or shock treatments. Four million desperate Americans suffer from chronic depression and have no other option except disability or suicide. The therapy completely changed my life and will change the lives of many sufferers of treatment-resistant depression."
Read more...Vagus Nerve Stimulation Studies Prove Robust Antidepressant Efficacy

Elisa Camahort reminds carnival goers that there is still more for us to do to help the hurricane victims. She has posted about some people at the grass root levels that are giving directly to the families with needs.

Mensa Barbie introduces The Herb Doctor, Dr. Richard Schulze, in her blog post Western Herbal Culture. An appetizing image of assorted spices and fresh herbs arouses the senses. A bowl of curried lentil soup would satisfy my taste buds right about now.

Look what the dog drug in. This carnival submission came in a few hours past the deadline, but I decided to include it with a quick edit.
Edited to add: Yvonne DiVita, Lip-sticking, lays out a mundane weekend filled with household tasks that kept her away from blogging. We can all relate to the routine duties that she describes as being overwhelming in her post Jane Gets Domestic. Yvonne writes about the caretakers of home and hearth. I think I'll quickly go strip the bed sheets from my bed and shove them in the washer before I brew that second cup of tea. Afterall, crisp clean sheets are a good night sleep inducer for the insomniac!

Number 13 - Lucky or Unlucky?

BarbaraFromCalifornia, Women on the Verge of Thinking posted Are You Superstitious? as her Question of the Day on the 13th day of October.

Among Rowan's random listings: "I don't believe in superstition like 13 being bad luck or walking under ladders or bad things happening on a full moon. That's just another way of dis-empowering and victimizing ourselves."

Jan Murz blogs Superstitions Part 3 triskaidekaphobes. She gives examples of how the fear of the number 13 is demonstated by our society.

I was amused when I noticed that Wendy Bumgardner, an associate of mine from About.com, who hosts the weekly Carnival of the Walkers, chose to dodge the thirteenth week of her carnival by dubbing it Carnival of the Walkers #12B. Walk under any ladders lately Wendy?

Thirteen (Plus One More For Good Luck) Superstitions

  1. Stepping on a crack will break your mother's back

  2. Bad luck if a black cat crosses your path

  3. Knocking on wood bars bad luck from your door

  4. Bird flying into the glass of a window signifies a death will come to someone in the house

  5. Itchy palms, fortune coming your way

  6. A cricket in the house brings good luck

  7. Fingers-crossed signifies hopes for a positive outcome

  8. Seven years of bad luck after breaking a mirror

  9. It's bad luck to pick up a coin if it's tails side is facing up

  10. See a penny, pick it up; all day long you will have good luck

  11. If you sing before seven, you will cry before eleven

  12. Pulling out a gray hair, two gray hairs will grow back in its place

  13. Finding a four-leaf clover offers good luck

  14. Seeing three butterflies together is a good omen

Superstition and Religion

Warren told Cool Observer, Mickey Z. that Religion is a disguise for superstition

Michael Liccione, from Sacramentum Vitae, blogs Healthy paganism comparing science and superstition as it is looked at in the Christian faith. He says: "What's rightly dismissed as 'superstition' is magical thinking: the idea that we can somehow control God with objects and formulas, or that such things have power that God does not choose to give them. But we had better not lose sight of the truth that superstition distorts."

Thank you for attending the carnival. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this week's attractions as much as I did putting then all together.

Looking back: Last week's carnival was hosted at Crossroads Dispatches Blog. Evelyn gave us some interesting and insightful reading! I've revisited her carnival a few times this past week for inspiration. Carnival of Healing #12: Fusing the Eternal With Daily Existence

Looking ahead: Jodie Foster at Intuitive Innovations promises us some "spooky surprises" with her Halloween edition of the Carnival of Healing next Saturday.

We are seeking new blog posts for future carnival attractions.Submit them here. Also, check the carnival archives to review past carnivals and also to check who is hosting the carnival in upcoming weeks. Also, if you are interested in hosting the carnival at your blog please email healing.guide@about.com


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