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Happy Anniversary spiralvisions.com

Please Celebrate With Me!

    This month marks the ninth year since my healing and spiritual consulting business, Spiral Visions, was first introduced internationally via the Internet.

A Little Bit of History

Actually, the Spiral Visions Web site debuted on the Internet using Web space that was alloted to me as an AOL client for a time prior to my registering the spiralvisions.com domain in 1996, but I'm not certain of that particular creation date. I created my earliest Web pages with raw html coding and uploaded it on a dial-up connection. Slow! Slow! But I thought it was miraculous just the same.

Spiral Visions has gone through a variety of changes over the years. My dream of "Spiral Visions" manifested into reality over twenty years ago when my oldest son, Morgan, was ten years of age. He hand-inked the tiger drawing that was depicted on my very first business card. I can still remember taking his original drawing to a local print shop to place an order for that box of business cards. Since then I've gone through various business card styles (see image of cards).

I've often affectionately referred to myself as the "soul owner" of Spiral Visions. Spiral Visions feels so much more than simply a business endeavor. It has been (and continues to be) truly a life path. Ever since I stepped onto the end of the spiral I have been caught up in numerous uplifting experiences. I feel energetically connected to the spiral symbol as it keeps me focusing along a spiraling path that continually takes me inwards toward more insightful depths of my spiritual core. I am anticipating these adventures to continue empowering me into the near and distant future.

Worth A Mention

Client Testimonies
    ... I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for me. I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about what a wonderful experience this has been. For the first time in years, I'm actually starting to feel good about myself. There just aren't enough words to express my gratitude ...... a lot came out that had been stuffed. I feel like a huge boulder has been lifted. I will continue to work and apply the energy and way of thinking in everyday situtations. Thank you ...... I recently purchased three of the F/E and wanted to you let you know how amazing they are. The Manifesting Formula is out of this world. I am able to visualize so clearly, including seeing lips move, and feeling energy as well. The more impossible the dream, the clearer it becomes in my meditation ...... Thursday night was a tremendous healing time during the sleep time... not sure who or how, but woke up with much more peace. Thanks for your help in everything, and the Reiki has been a great blessing to me already. Today I feel more poised for the future that is coming...

    ... I purchased 5 of your books. I ordered them for friends & after reading it I would like to use this book for my Reiki classes... I think your book is the best one I have ever read because it has so much more than just Reiki. It is absolutely wonderful & I would be honoured to include this in my teaching. I think the best part is, I agree with most of what you said, & it is as if I wrote the book myself !

Recommended Books


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