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Carnival of Healing #27: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Welcome everybody to the 27th edition of The Carnival of Healing. Last week I hosted the carnival on my About Holistic Healing site featuring Sacred Spaces. I've never really thought about my kitchen being a sacred space, but I guess I would consider it the "heart" of my home. The kitchen is where we nuture our bodies with food. It is also a gathering place for family. And although my husband and I are empty-nesters and often find ourselves plunked down in front of the television set during suppertime, the sit-down family dinners we had when the children were still living at home are fond memories. Have you ever noticed how everyone gathers into the kitchen? No matter how small the kitchen we will cram ourselves into the "cooking-hub" to be near the cook, not only to sample the stew and smell the enticing aromas, but just to hang out and converse in a loving atmosphere.

I recall reading once that women like to eat out in restaurants for the "social aspect" of conversation with others. Whereas men (speaking in gender-generalizations here) think of eating out as merely getting their bellies satisfied with food. For the homemaker who is stuck in the kitchen slaving away on meals while the rest of the family is off doing whatever, I can certainly relate to her enjoying a meal away from home. But for the family that shares the cooking and clean up duties, the kitchen holds a special nuturing role beyond supplying nutrition for the physical body.

I was hopeful that my kitchen, that is nearing the end of its complete renovation, would be done by today. But no, I must report that I still don't have a kitchen sink. The cabinets are installed, and along with that is a built-in oven. The kitchen sink and cooktop are missing because there has been a delay in getting my countertops. The new flooring won't be installed until the countertops are in place. This kitchen remodel has been in the works since September, the last week of August actually. I'm getting very weary of the slow progress. And although my "domestic qualities" come to me in spurts I WANT my kitchen to be done so I can chop, slice, and dice some fresh veggies. I've set up a temporary kitchen in our laundry room, but with the dirty dishes piling up in the same room with our dirty clothes... it just feels icky. We've been cooking with various electrical appliances (mini grill, skillet, crock pot, rice steamer) atop of the clothes dryer. I know someday I will find this whole episode comical. I laugh about it already. Heidi Mapp from Frugal Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Warehouse says the funny bone has medicinal properties.

If nothing else, the experience has made me value my kitchen so much more. Not having a normal functioning kitchen in our home has made me uncomfortable. It is as if the "heart" is missing from the house. And with the theme of "heart" the wallpaper I chose for our new kitchen is a subtle sage green colored print with impressions of fern leaves. Beautiful! Green is the color of the heart chakra afterall. I've come a long way in my ideas of attractive home decor. My first kitchen was orange and brown. This was in the early seventies, the countertops were a bright bittersweet orange shade. I chose orange because it was (and still is) my favorite color. But, now I am limiting orange highlights in the kitchen to the foods themselves. So it is lucky for me that Mensa Barbie has provided us this week with a refreshing orange recipe --Salade d'orange--

I was thinking the other day about a Feng Shui principle concerning toilets. The plumbing works of toilets is a function of disposal. It is warned not to leave your toilet lid up whenever you flush because it could likely suck down good energies into the sewer along with your poop and pee. Close the lid, then flush. And don't forget to keep your bathroom door closed and leave the toilet lid down whenever the toilet is not in use. Try out these Feng Shui Tips For Health.

Anyway, now I'm wondering if the fact that I have not had a sink (or the accompanying sink drain and garbage disposal) in the room while my new kitchen is being built that the area might now be clogged with icky energies because there has been no outlet to let out the crap. Hmm... I have heard the carpenter swear at times when things weren't going smoothly. I'm going to open the windows in there this afternoon and let some fresh air in. That should help.

I guess I've whined enough about my "no-kitchen" circumstance for now. I know I'm going to love it when all is finished, so my complaining is silly.

This week I've received a handful of carnival entries that went with my "kitchen-nurture-food" theme, but only the one recipe (see above). Maybe I'll add a few of my own favorites recipes before I sign off on the carnival, probably not, but we'll see.

Elisa Camahort, who will be graciousloy hosting our carnival next week, attempts to stay on theme with her post Thank You Martha Stewart. She admitting says "I don't eat a meal I can't microwave." I'm not sure watching a cooking show with Martha Stewart that has been saved on TiVo is the best way to nurture yourself. But hey Elise, I'm willing to consider it. I'm a fan of Rachel Ray myself.

Jodie Foster, from Intuitive Innovations suggested we visit a couple of her blog postings. She sent me three actually, and I like them all, so I'm going to forget my "no more than two links to any one blog" carnival hosting rule and link to all three. I guess for this week only I'll throw out that rule along with my old tarnished stainless steel kitchen sink. Ha! It feels fun to be a little bit naughty! Jodie feels that the topic of Beliefs and Your Body Image fits well with the kitchen-food-nurture theme I was aiming for. I agree. In a newer posting titled Body image and the myth of perfection she offers an article by Edel Jarboe. Among the list of 12 ways to make peace with your body the only one that focuses on eating food is this one:

    Don't punish your body by playing mind games with food. Food is not the enemy. Eat healthy but don't obsess. Allowing yourself to enjoy treats helps prevent bingeing and keeps you in control.

None of the other 11 listed have anything to do with eating. I like the idea of looking at different ways to nurture our bodies outside of feeding it with food stuff. The third blog post Jodies suggests is her posting about Intuitive Eating. What is this hip new non-diet? This might be worth checking out.

Hmmm... it is past lunchtime. I think I'll go downstairs and scramble some eggs in that skillet in the basement. Carnival is closed folks until next week.

Looking Forward: Elisa Camahort, the hip and zen pen, will be our carnival host. This is Elisa's first time hosting our healing carnival but she's not new to hosting carnivals so I'm certain the carnival will be great!

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