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I Sure Could Use a Pick-Me-Up

"You're a big girl now.." my mother told me whenever I would run up to my dad when I was a young girl and ask to be picked up "...you're too big to be carried." It made me sad to be big because I had felt so much comfort and love in my fathers arms. The next time we were on return trip from my grandparents I pretended to be asleep in the back seat of the car in hopes that my dad would carry me from the car into the house, and into my bedroom to tuck me in. What I got instead was my mother nudging me and dragging me out of the car onto my feet. Dang! Oh, to be two again...

I can't think of a better "pick-me-up" than being carried in someone's caring arms. Although, you might wonder why I would feel that way since it has been many years since anyone did that. I'm definitely a big girl now. I'm not huge, but I'm not petite either, I'm 5'8" (was once nearly 5'9" but I've shrunk a bit).

Anyway I'm too heavy and too tall for any person to easily pick up and romatically, or otherwise, carry me across the room. My first husband attempted to pick me up and carry me down the hallway of our home and ended up almost dropping me, and he also knocked my head against the doorway.. ouch! That was the last time anyone has attempted to carry me anywhere. The primary reason that I loved the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman" was when Richard Gere enters the factory and sweeps Debra Winger off her feet and carries her out of the place. Oh... I love that ending. Carry me away, take care of me, love me. Later I saw a television interview about the film with Debra Winger in which she said she despised doing the love scenes with Gere... crazy!

About four years ago a massage therapist was rubbing my feet during a full body massage. I mentioned to her that I have circulation problems in my feet, and that I also had experienced painful feet as a child. The doctor told my parents they were "growing pains" and suggested orthopedic shoes for me. Oh my gosh were those shoes ever ugly! The massage therapist then told me that painful feet can represent the desire to be carried. That sure was interesting.

Now whenever I feel the urge to be carried the best way I've found to help is going to a park or playground and swing for a bit on the swings. It gets my feet off the ground anyway. Not quite the same feeling as being wrapped up in somebody's arms, but better than nothing. Of course another way that helps is to reverse the feeling and hold an infant or small child in my arms. That feels just as wonderful.


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