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Carnival of Healing #39: Taking Positive Steps

Welcome All to the 39th edition of our carnival. The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of articles, posted by various bloggers on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment.

Next Week: Dr. Deborah Serani, has stepped up to host our May 6 carnival. She has chosen the theme "Healing The Psyche." Send in your submissions before Thursday, May 4th at midnight ET to have your blog posts included in her carnival.

This Week: The underlying theme that evolved from the carnival submissions received seem to steer us into changing directions and dumping our negative impulses. Great! Step upwards, let's get moving into positive places!

Changing Your Relationship With Food
Jon Tillman, Silent in the Morning, has begun a weekly series of blog posts dubbed "Food Friday" on Changing Your Relationship With Food. His focus is on nutriton rather than dieting.

"Be A Better Tree For Your Apples"
Wenchypoo says has some harsh comments for obese parents of obese children. Her blog post is commentary on the TLC show Honey We're Killing The Kids. I haven't seen the show myself, but when she compares the premise of this airing to the Nanny Show -- right off the bat, I say, no thanks to watching it. Obesity is a BIG problem, but exploiting at-risk families for monetary gain or ratings is not the way to go.

Reducing The Bad Chi In My Office
I have been making some positive chi changes in my home office this week based on some Feng Shui intentions. Details are posted over at my About Holistic Healing Blog. I even incorporated a statue of Amitabah (Buddha of Light) in my bedroom. Amitabah can be used in Feng Shui as a remedy for areas of lost chi.

Releasing Old Beliefs
Mike Eggleston, Consciousness, Spirituality & Infinite Knowledge, posts Intention Is Everything. Mike says:

You have to release the old belief systems you cling to, the old resentment and let go. If you are harboring feelings of anger towards someone or some event then until that anger is released and you make peace with it, it will always be a blockage and you will not truly move on from it. It is important to remember, there are no regrets, there are only lessons, and it is what we learn from those experiences that shape the direction we are to travel on the path.

Stop Allowing Media Hysteria and Hype To Make Your Fearful
What does Chicken Little and your cholesterol have to do with prostate cancer? BreadandMoney.com article Cholesterophobia, Prostate Cancer and Faith Based Science outs the pharmaceutical and medical industries for slanted study results being reported that put fear in front of the public face.

Squashing Negatives
Steve Pavlina shares five steps he takes to take the energy of anegative thought and rechannel it into a positive thought. I got a chuckle out of his analogy to consider how an HTML Redirect Code replaces one page for another when understaning how to switch a postive image for negative one. If we could only get rid of all those 404 pages so easily.

Uplifting Voices of Praise
Reb Chaim HaQoton submits his Holy Scripture entrenched post -- Songs of Ascent

A song is the manifestation of feelings into vocalized words, which represent a spiritual connection to esoteric concepts; songs reflect a belief of the intellect fused with the subconscious righteousness of the soul. Songs are especially used to commemorate happy occasions or to express one’s emotion during a joyous occasion.

Pushing Past Your Habitual Barriers
The final carnival submission that came in this week was from Dr. Deborah Serani, Psychological Perspectives. She posts Stretching Your Comfort Zone. She shares professional motivator, Joe Gilliam, six barriers people use that keep them from making postitive changes in their lives. Sadly, a couple of these barriers sound all too familar. The truth can sting... yep, her post hit me in my comfort zone for sure! But, don't worry, she also offers six solutions to these six barriers.

Thank you for attending our carnival and reviewing the various "Change For The Better" attractions.

Last week the carnival was hosted by Jodie Foster, at Intuitive Innovations. Be sure to visit if you missed it.

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