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June 3, 2006

Carnival of Healing #44: Transitions and Pathways

Welcome to today's Carnival of Healing - The Carnival of Healing is a round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment.

I'll begin the carnival with my personal posting Bat Totem Visitations. Having been visited by BAT three times this week I wonder what opportunity awaits me.

    The bat totem can trigger change or transformation. Its visit can be a warning that change will soon occur and not to be afraid. Sometimes the bat is a symbol for facing ones fears. It can also indicate a time of an awakening because the bat, a nocturnal mammal, awakens in the dark. Its presence can illuminate a dark shadow. It can also be a sign of opportunity.

It certainly doesn't surprise me that I am nearing a transitional period in my life. Recently I have felt as if I've been sitting in a place of non-flow or stagnation. Not a debilitating stuck place feeling, but more of a restful place feeling. A resting period is when you are allowed to prepare for something that is being built. It's hard to describe but I recognize the feeling. The first time I ever experienced it I was actually scared that my life had no meaning. I had no desire, no push, nothing in my life that needed managed. I've since learned to sit back and enjoy the quietness of the rest period allowing the transition to unfold naturally. This is really another lesson in living in the present. Asha_sahana, Spiritual Scatterings, reminds me of this in her post The here and now:
    When we learn how to live in the present our preoccupation and pain with the past fades. There are many benefits to living the here and now.ยดยด We discover concentration and clarity in whatever interlectual activity we do. We cease the useless fight against things that are out of our control.

I'll do my best to keep myself focused on the present. I'll likely need my restored energies once the ball gets rolling again and I find a new pathway has opened up for me. For now, I can relax, as the time gets closer for the new opportunity to present itself I will probably get giddy with anticipation.

Our carnival will also be making a transition. I've decided to switch it to a bi-weekly event through the summer months. The next carnival will be held in two weeks on June 17 hosted by Scott Smith at Other Lights. Scott asks "Where Do You Shine Your Light?" Please send in your carnival submissions in by June 14th to be included in Scott's carnival. Last week New Moon Manifesting carnival was hosted at Intuitive Innovations, If you missed it... it is not too late to visit.

Let me know if you care to host one of our summer carnivals on your blog.

Now, on with the rest of today's carnival attractions:

Down The Garden Path

Anup Menon, Angel_o_Health, posts Flower Power, reminding us of the healing and nutritious properties of flowers. I'm a lover of flowers myself, garden flowers and wildflowers. I still remember collecting flowers for my the pressed wildflower scrapbook that I made it as part of earning a badge when I was a girl scouts. A favorite was Queen Anne's Lace. It was a wonder that such a delicate lacy blossom to be bestowed a royal name.

When Your Path Forks Into Two Paths

Jodie Foster, Intutivie Innovations, writes about the emotional choice of leaving a relationship when the path you had walked together no longer serves you in her post Healing Lost Relationships.

    As we spiritually evolve, we come across many forks in the road. I like to call them different levels of attainment. It's when we have learned something powerful and are ready to go on to something new. Those people who are with us aren't necessarily ready to travel to that next level with us.

A Path Paved With Golden Abundance

Christine Kane blogs about the Law of Attraction in her post Building A Relationship With Money. She asks readers to examine their old beliefs and patterns about money and gives tips on using affirmations. It is an extra long post, she describes guilt feelings of being a teenage shoplifter and how she resolved those issues by cleaning up her past actions by making amends. This is an interesting post for anyone who has ever had issues about money. - Who hasn't???

Inspirational Reading Path

Brandon Peele , entices us down-the-path toward enlightenment with his review of the book Integral Yoga.

Exploring The Secret Pathway

Kenneth Lim writes a review of the movie, The Secret, a movie about the Law of Attraction. I wonder how this movie compares to Pay It Forward? Guess I'll have to get a copy of the DVD and find out!

Choosing A Spiritual Path

Reb Chaim HaQoton writes a lengthy post on Becoming a Jew.

A little bit of synchronicity - I was watching Larry King this past week, Elizabeth Taylor was his guest. She was promoting her new diamond jewelry line. I hadn't realized that she converted to Judaism several years ago. And speaking of controversial celebrities in highlighted under the media's scrunity lately, Madonna also converted to Judaism through her study of the Kabbalah.

Carnival Midway Path

Today's carnival has come to an end. Thank you so very much for spending time here and exploring all it has to offer. May you always find your way... please journey back for our next carnival as it travels across the blogosphere.

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