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September 26, 2006

Carnival of Family Life

My thanks go to Be A Good Dad for featuring a link to my Crystal Children article in the Carnival of Family Life. I really enjoyed the nostalgia toys posting by Michele. I was surprised not to see Colorforms on the list. Hey! Silly Faces Colorforms are available at Amazon. Oh... to be young again.

September 23, 2006

Carnival of Healing #52: A Time of Balance

The 52nd edition of The Carnival of Healing has been posted at Evolving Times.

Edward Miller says "The entries for this edition tie in beautifully to this time of year. They provide us with insightful ways to deepen our self-awareness, as well as practical reminders of how to nurture our dreams as well as our bodies."

All the season have their perks. But, autumn is my favorite time of the year so the folding up of summer until next year is okay with me. I love all the colorful changes from the leaves falling from the trees to the orangey sunsets. It is refreshing to soak up the crisp evening air. I especially look forward to October's Harvest Moon. Ohhh... and the intoxicating sweet taste of apple cider... my mouth is watering.

Looking ahead: Next week (September 30) our carnival will be hosted at Live Consciously. If you are interested in hosting a future carnival here's where to sign up.

September 17, 2006

A Nourishing Meme

Five questions have been asked of me by Ed Mills (Evolving Times). These five questions are intended to promote a "Nourishing Meme" in the blogosphere that was birthed by Joanne Hay. Joanne's seeding of the Nourishing Meme can be found at http://www.nourished.com.au/articles/the-nourishing-meme - but for some reason I am getting a 404 NOT FOUND - hopefully this is temporary. Regardless, you can read Ed's contribution here.

Here are the questions:
1. What is the most nourishing thing you frequently do for yourself?
2. For your health, what will you never compromise on?
3. Where do you get most of your health information?
4. What single whole food or supplement has turned your health around the most?
5. What is your favorite natural therapy?

My responses:

Q. What is the most nourishing thing you frequently do for your self?
A. A relaxing bath. We have a hot tub on our back porch that gets used frequently. But daily, I take a 15-20 minute soak in our bathtub. I usually add bath salts to enhance this wellness experience. Lavendar scented bath salts when I need to relax my energies, eucalyptus scented if I'm battling a cold or bug, peppermint for a perk up.

Q. For your health, what will you never compromise on?
A. Getting health advice from the mainstream medical community. Naturally, I'm inclined to reach for natural health remedies in easing my pains and discomforts. But I choose not to ignore the advances of science in understanding why I don't feel so good. Knowledge is very important. However, I require an open-minded doctor who understands me and respects that I may or may not choose to follow the recommendations given.

Q. Where do you get most of your health information?
A. When my body talks to me I am a sympathetic listener. My body and spirit are partners in this life so communication is key. Also, I spend a lot of time on the Internet anyway so I tend to rely on search engines to gather information. There is usually a lot of stuff and opinions to sift through, but usually the information I need can be found if I'm diligent in my searches.

Q. What single whole food or supplement has turned your health around the most?
A. Salt. Let me explain. I have an uncommon health condition called POTS - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. This is a form of dysautonomia. BTW - a great resource site for POTS is potsplace.com. My blood pressure runs on the low side and in certain circumstances (standing, walking, running, taking the stairs, hot weather, digesting food, etc. ) my blood pressure can drastically drop. My body gets the message to send blood to the brain, but the message doesn't always compute and the blood will pool into my legs and feet. I will get shaky and feel weak and sometimes (but rarely) faint. I also have a reduced blood volume in my body. Salt is an important element to my diet because it helps to plump up those skinny blood cells. I also recently discovered the new flavor of Gatorade, Rain, that is tolerable taste wise to drink. Gatorade is a fast way to get sodium and electrolytes into my system.

Q. What is your favorite natural therapy?
A. Reiki

Now comes the part where I ask others to participate in the Nourishing Meme and answer these same questions on their blogs. I invite two fabulous women friends of mine to consider chiming in and giving their answers:

Jaelin Reece, life coach and intuitive, her blog is Intuitive Innovations.

Headache and Migraine expert and owner of Help for Headaches
Teri Robert.

September 16, 2006

Is Karma Messing Up Your Dharma?

Okay.... so the subject line "Is Karma Messing Up Your Dharma?" may be too cute! But can you ask yourself this question seriously?

The concept of Dharma is that we are driven by a spiritual force deep within our souls to take a certain path in life.

The idea of Karma is that we are challenged or helped by circumstances according to how we have lived previously (yesterday, last year, last lifetime, etc.) What goes around, comes around, and all that jazz.

What is interesting is that we continually strive to climb the same mountain (you know, Dharma Mountain, the one with the slippery and treacherous slope) again and again. We instinctively know that this mountain is our Dharma. The Bad Karma we face in trying to get to the top of our "destiny" is the non-stop downpouring of bone-chilling rainfall that makes for a cold and muddy trek, the herd of goats blocking our path, etc. Some days the obstacles seem overwhelming and we wonder where we will find the strength to journey on. But then a ray of sunshine will peek through the darkened storm cloud, you'll tightly grasp the walking cane that helps secure your footing, and you come upon a passerby coming down from the mountain who shares an insight he learned that will shorten your journey... that's the good Karma.

September 9, 2006

Carnival of Healing #51: Life Death and Rebirth

The 51st edition of The Carnival of Healing has been posted at Other Lights. Scott K. Smith, today's carnival host, chose the theme of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Experiencing a panic attack spurred Scott into thinking about the cycles of life. In his intro to the carnival Scott writes:

    One Wednesday I woke up, on the border patrol of “holy shit I am having a panic attack” because it struck me with a quintessential realism that my body will fade and end. My time here is limited so, Scotty my boy, What are you going to do with it?

Carnival attractions are many so get your cup of tea brewing before you get started. Not all entries focus on life and death. Submissions with a general theme of healing, spirituality, or self-empowerment are routinely included in our blog carnival regardless of the theme.

My favorite picks from Scott's carnival are:

Looking ahead:

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