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Is Karma Messing Up Your Dharma?

Okay.... so the subject line "Is Karma Messing Up Your Dharma?" may be too cute! But can you ask yourself this question seriously?

The concept of Dharma is that we are driven by a spiritual force deep within our souls to take a certain path in life.

The idea of Karma is that we are challenged or helped by circumstances according to how we have lived previously (yesterday, last year, last lifetime, etc.) What goes around, comes around, and all that jazz.

What is interesting is that we continually strive to climb the same mountain (you know, Dharma Mountain, the one with the slippery and treacherous slope) again and again. We instinctively know that this mountain is our Dharma. The Bad Karma we face in trying to get to the top of our "destiny" is the non-stop downpouring of bone-chilling rainfall that makes for a cold and muddy trek, the herd of goats blocking our path, etc. Some days the obstacles seem overwhelming and we wonder where we will find the strength to journey on. But then a ray of sunshine will peek through the darkened storm cloud, you'll tightly grasp the walking cane that helps secure your footing, and you come upon a passerby coming down from the mountain who shares an insight he learned that will shorten your journey... that's the good Karma.


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