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Carnival of Healing #54: Self Care

Welcome to our 54th edition of the Carnival of Healing. "Taking Care of Yourself" is the underlying theme of most of the carnival submissions that trickled in this week. It is important to remind ourselves often to be mindful of our own needs. It is not a selfish act to take care of ourselves. We are not of much help to our family or others when we let ourselves get down-trodden from self-neglect.

Weathering A Potential Storm

Patricia, A Better You Blog, posts Waiting on a Biopsy: How to Handle Uncertainy. She writes:

...my first reaction is fear. My natural instinct wants to give in to my old habit of worrying about what might be. I have learned, however, that life is better when I ride with the waves rather than swim against the current. So I choose to float along, keep my head above water, and wait out the storm. And I find I am remarkably at peace.

This is a beautiful and thoughtful posting --- don't miss it. Patricia's personal post gives good insight on weathering the storm that may or may not hit.

De-stress Yourself

Ricky, Redneck Health, posts about rediscovering playing Nintendo as a way to relieve stress in his post Video Game Therapy He writes:

Escape the rat race for a few hours, and revisit your stress-free childhood by stomping the be-jesus out of a few flying turtles or something.

Ya know, I never really GOT Nintendo. I thought it was probably more of a guy thing, but my grown daughter has proved me wrong about that. She enjoys playing video games. I personally don't get a lot of relaxation from flashing colors and zapping or crashing noises. To each his own paradise I guess.

Whine Therapy

Phil for Humanity suggests Complaining is Good for You - Huh? Well, It guess it's okay to whine if you do your complaining with a postive attitude. How's that? Phil writes:

If you are not in the habit of complaining, give it a try. See how much stress is removed from your shoulders. I recommend that you try complaining to yourself, your best friend, or your spouse. First, try just complaining about traffic or the weather, but try staying in a positive attitude. Instead of saying “the weather is awful”, try saying “I hope the weather improves.” You will quickly find that just talking about it makes it less depressing.

My complaint with this post is that I can't SEE the post very well with its black text on dark green background. I had to "highlight select" the text to be able to read it. I sure wish more bloggers and webmasters would test the views in several different browsers for better user experience. Humpppff!!

Energy Medicine

Elise Lebeau, An Inspired Life Traveler posts
Is Intuitive Energy Healing a solution to the Health Care crisis?
This blog post is a testimony of a migraine sufferer who found miraculous relief from an energy healing session. Elise writes:

Intuitive Energy Healing is not about getting rid of traditional medicine. On the contrary, they work beautifully hand in hand! If we could clear up emergency rooms with some Intuitive Energy Healing, then those who do need traditional medicine would get access to it so much more easily!

Home Remedies

Aparna, Beauty and Personality Grooming, posts Home remedies for wounds. She lists nine ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of minor cuts, abrasions, bleeding, and, burns.

Dietary Choices
Wenchypoo posts An Engineer Dismantles the Food Guide Pyramid (L-O-N-G). Oddly enough the whole discussion between Wenchypoo and her husband about the so-called "fudge-factor" (room for error) in the government developing the Food Guide Pyramid got me to thinking about The Fudge Factory. I'm certain that's not what was intended but that's what happened to me.

Joanne Hay, Nourished Magazine, posts Anti Fatigue Factor of Liver. This is a health post about the benefit of taking raw liver pills as a superfood supplement to boost your energy.

Coffin Insights

Michelle, American Inventor, posts a pre-Halloween blog entry, 10 Valuable Life Lessons ...Learned from Coffins. This is a clever and interesting post... included photos of interesting coffin choices. Would you like to have your body laid to rest inside a gold-leaf pod?

Heal Yourself First

Hueina Su, Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul, announces her Intensive Self-Care Kit (free-download) She writes:

Self-Care is an act of self love and self respect. Intensive Self-Care is essential to your survival and well-being, and it's critical when you are in a nurturing position. It's like putting on your own oxygen mask FIRST before you help others, when the plane is in trouble. Sadly, many people (especially moms) focus all their time and energy on taking care of others, they forget to nurture themselves. As a result, they feel overwhelmed, stressed, burnout, or even get sick, and their loved ones suffer with them. This "Intensive Self-Care Kit" provides you insights, tips and practical tools to help you practice Intensive Self-Care, reduce stress, restore inner peace, manage life's changes with ease, achieve work/life balance, and live a more purposeful life. It's a valuable resource for anyone. "Heal yourself first before you heal others"

Thank you for attending today's carnival. Please keep reminding yourself that Self Care is important.

Looking Back: Last week the carnival was hosted by at Live Consciously.

Looking Forward:
Next Saturday (Oct. 14) I will again serve as host for the carnival, this time the Carnival of Healing returns home to About Holistic Healing.


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