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Marcia Cross on Migraines

Not So Desperate, Marcia Cross, responds to interviewer, Teri Robert's (Help for Headaches writer and patient advocate) question ...what lifestyle methods do you use to minimize their [migraines] impact?

Marcia says "...any sort of work you do just kind of be at peace with your own day and your own situation is helpful. Having that threat around really keeps things modulated because is it really worth it when you start getting tense or uptight about something? I think that really has made a difference. Yoga, I love to hike, just let things go. Keep things in perspective. A lot of it has to do with how we view whatever’s going on with us. One can work oneself up into that amount of stress. Nobody is really doing it to you. You can look at a situation in a completely different way that takes that out of the picture. "
Read the full interview: Marcia Cross On Migraines


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