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Ear Candling Photos

Morgan and Cecily (my son and daughter-in-law) were visiting over the holidays. Morgan noticed a package of Kansas Candles (ear candling cones) sitting on my desk. BTW, these candles are the best quality candles I've ever handled. He told me that Cecily enjoys having her ears candled so we asked her if she was up for an ear candling session along with a few photos being taken. She happily agreed.

We made this event a family affair. After setting my massage table and gathering all the supplies needed, Morgan and Cecily took turns candling each other's ears. My husband took several photos and my job was to create the Ear Candling Gallery afterwards.

We were very careful to set up a safe environment and healing atmosphere. But, at the same time we had a lot of fun teaming up on this gallery project as you can tell from this last photo when Morgan was "yucking it up" for the camera. HA!


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