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Blog Mania - Spreading My Wings

I've been thinking about giving my Spiral Visions Web site and Blog a redesign for quite awhile now. It is always good to shed your old skin and start afresh. We have a corn snake named "Naja" whose colors are always the most vibrant after her shedding. That is what I have in mind, something lively and vibrant!

However, I realize that a redesign is going to take some work. Redesigning takes a bit more work than starting from scratch afterall.

For now I put the redesign on the backburner. Instead I thought I would spread out my wings and explore some other areas. I've been busily sprucing up my Everything Reiki and Chakracises Web sites.

chakras Reiki

guppiesAnother fun and brand new net venture I'm teaming up with my baby sister on is the Web site Guppy Love. We are celebrating children, love, and the love of guppies. I think having this colorful and playful site to play with her on will help balance my work routine. I don't play nearly enough!

They are all in the newbie stages... but it's exciting to have new projects in the works. I want to share my excitement. Enjoy!


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