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Moses and Reiki

Earth Day was a breezy, almost balmy, one for us yesterday. Our wind chime on the front porch was sounding especially beautiful. We normally plant something in celebration of Earth Day and this year was no different. This year my husband planted a Burning Bush, he named "Moses" in the back yard next to the cedar (named Reiki) we planted a a few years ago. We also planted a couple of elder-berry bushes which we named "Joe" and "Phyl" after the two of us... a joke on us for feeling a bit elderly at times. I also organized some of our recycle bins that were overflowing and had been begging for my attention. Oh, and now that the warmer season allows me to, I hung up a couple of loads of laundry on the line outdoors, thus saving the enegy that the clothes dryer would have used up. What did you do for Earth Day yesterday?


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