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Good Karma - Good Books

Hugs to Isabella

I've met some wonderful and caring people through being the organizer of the Carnival of Healing. I was surprised this week by Isabella Mori, change therapy - Isabella is a veteran carnival host. She gifted me with an e-certificate for a book of my choosing. This was a result of buyafriendabook.com's good Karma, good books initiative. Isabella asked me if her surprise "shocked the pants off of me." My honest answer is "Not really, I am not surprised to get an unexpected gift". But, I WAS pleasantly surprised to have one of my fellow carnies be the gifter. FUN! FUN! I actually do get little surprises, I call them unbirthday gifts, fairly regularly. Why? It's probably because I'm a great believer in both "giving and receiving." And, that's kind of what karma is all about, what comes around, goes around. I extend my gift-bearing hand outwards, and eventually the boomerang returns. The return "getting" is not the reason why I give to others, but "getting" is about being grateful and feeling deserving of thoughtfulness. Isabella, FYI, I was able to order 2 books using the ecert. The first was a out-of-print feng shui book that looks interesting. It is suppose to have a lot of great photos according to reader reviews. Good "chi" is as good as good karma! The second was a copy of The Four Agreements. I really love this little book. I like to have extra copies of it around to pass on to friends and clients. Thanks Isabella!


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books are the men's best friend. and the books you have mentioned are really very interesting.

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