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Carnival of Healing #98 Choices

Welcome to the 98th edition of the Carnival of Healing. It has been a while since I hosted the carnival here at my Spiral Visions Blog. For those of you who have visited in the past you may notice a few changes. I recently dumped my old blog software that had become bloated and glitchy. I'm still getting the new one up to par. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy the carnival today.

holistic healing
The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Today's edition was originally to be hosted by Greenwoman's Wisdom but unfortunately Shannee is experiencing techincal difficulties with her blog so I am filling in for her. I hope she can get the problem resolved soon!

I chose the title "Choices" for today's carnival because the underlying theme of the contributed blog posts seemed to focus on personal choices. And there are plenty of carnival attractions to choose from...

Choosing What Foods To Eat

John outlines the Importance of Fiber in Your Diet Pass the flaxseed please!

Aparna posts Foods that aggravate acne - It's not the chocolate chips in the cookie that causes breakouts, but the milk you dunked the cookie in.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door says she kicked her fast-food habit years ago and offers suggestions in her post Some Fast Food For Thought. She asks readers to share their favorite fast food alternatives. I've never been a fast food addict myself, it is rare for me to eat on the run. Buffet style meals aren't my style either. If I eat out I want to sit down and be served, I don't have any problem driving by the fast food establishments, but if you do some good advice is offered on how to put the skids on this not-so-healthy eating habit.

Weightloss Dude James D. Brausch, posts Why I'm Not A Vegetarian. He's not defending himself for eating meat, but he has certainly put some thought into his answer.

Choosing A New or Different Focus

Scott Lee writes a thoughtful post, Design Your Life, Like a Paint Brush giving his own take on becoming comfortable with his own vision about what he wants his life to be. He also gives a quick outline of The Seven Hermetic Principles.

Music therapy on the football practice field is being talked about at FitBuff - New York Jets Listen to Mozart on the Football Field. Classical music may not seem like the best sound track for macho football players to be using to improve their moves, but I guess that's the whole point of the post... there's got to be reason behind the idea. I should disclose though that I'm not a fan of classical music myself.

Choosing Positive Thoughts (or Not)

Our Emotions and Our Thoughts - these two share a strong kinship. Albert Foong, Urban Monk gives us a few lessons on mastering our minds with his post How to remove negative thoughts and tame your monkey mind, Part 1.

Gary van Warmerdam warns against the dangers of optimism in his postBeing Optimistic With Awareness. Hmmm... I never thought of optimism as being dangerous at all, and still don't even after reading his post. But, his post makes for an interesting read anyway. I can almost get why he thinks this way, just can't quite take the leap to jump onto his bandwagon. Being optimistic doesn't mean a person can't be practical. I look out for potholes too, but I'm still humming happily as I purposely swerve around. Gary says "The key is to have the awareness to discern the good optimism from the dangerous optimism. Awareness keeps you from ending up in emotional denial and making poor choices for your life."

Nancy LaFever, Centre for Emotional Well-Being, reminds us to Take Time for Gratitude Every Day.

Choosing Alternative Treatments

HomeopathyZone, David Nortman, details the intial interview process between healer and client when considering homeopathic remedies in his post The Initial Homeopathic Intake.

Shelley M. Fondren gives instruction for using Castor oil packs to reduce toxins, inflamation

Derek Brown, A Shark Saved My Life, dedicates a blog post to alternatives to Ritalin for treating ADHD Derek says, "ADHD is a serious condition. It is robbing our children of their education and self esteem. As parents we want to do what's best for our children, to help them succeed in this fast paced world of ours. We depend on our doctors for guidance, but what if that guidance is just flat out wrong?

Choosing New Pathways

Bill Urell, Addiction Recovery Basics, talks about the connection between his sobriety and his spirituality in his post Spirituality And Addiction Recovery: Are You Nuts? + Podcast. Bill says "I was not comfortable with the traditional God image, so I had to get creative. I heard of spirituality as being described of as connection. Connection with yourself, with your family and the society and world around you. That, I could work with. My spiritual journey began at year 7 in recovery and it started with simply asking questions. To me, it was the asking that was important, not really the answers."

Anna Farmery, Widow's Quest, focuses on 4 (writing) Ideas to Track Your Journey.

Raymond David Salas presents a simply truthful post How to Really Simplify Your Life. I'm never disappointed by Raymond's posts at his ZenChill Power Tools Blog.

John Hill suggests 10 Steps to Raising Your Vibration.

Choosing Action or Non-Action

I just love it when our carnival contributors unknowingly take opposite stances. For example Craig Harper prods us into taking action whereas Tupelo Kenyon suggests our actions "the mad rush to do more and more" possibly leave no time for just "being." So what are we to do? Better to TAKE ACTION or just BE? Neither, Either, I guess it doesn't matter just so long as "purpose" is the driving force behind your action or non-action.

Craig Harper says "Get off your ass." Okay, he says more than that and he says it very eloquently. But, basically he is preaching about what I've known for a very long time, Doing Nothing is a Choice! Check out his post My Life.... Five Years From Now and start making some changes in your life beyond a wish or a plan that never gets acted on.

Tupelo Kenyon posts Action and Satisfaction He says "Balancing the realms of being and doing seems to be a healthy objective - on a personal level as well as on a global level. When our perpetual propensity to do is inspired and driven by "who we are" - the realm of being . . . then our actions bring satisfaction."

Here is another NON-ACTION blog contribution. One of the Four Paradoxes of Standing Meditation Chris, Marial Development, is Time flies when you're doing nothing. Chris says "Learn how standing meditation produced one of the greatest fighters of the 20th century, and how it can improve your health and fitness today."

It's Your Choice!

Christine Kane gives us options to choose from in her post What's Easy. What's Not. - Christine is one smart cookie!

That's it. Thanks for coming!

Looking Back: Last week the carnival was hosted at Wellness Through Wisdom

Looking Forward: Next week (August 18) the carnival will be hosted by Reiki Blogger

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Thanks for hosting the carnival and including my submission. I'll be linking back here in my weekly Blog Carnival Roundup edition on Friday.

Thank you for stepping in for me this week Philomena. Unfortunately, the problem is still not fixed as of today, so I'm really relieved that you had the time to host this week. *smiles*

This looks like a feast of links to wonderful bloggers that I'm not familiar with at all. I'm delighted to see what treasures there are to scope out. Blessings!!

Thanks for including my post in this week's blog carnival. Glad to be aboard. I'll be checking your site often, now that I'm aware. Ironically, I've always been a big fan of spirals.

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