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Eco-Libris: a means to balance out the paper in your books by planting trees

holistic healingEco-Libris is an organization that is promoting books being made with recycled paper. They are also suggesting you balance one book by planting a tree. This is a simple equation. One Book = One Tree. It works like this: for every dollar you send them they will plant a tree. They will also send you a sticker (made from recycled paper naturally) to place on the cover of each book you have eco-balanced to display your Green commitment. Being reminded that every book I read was created via a tree's sacrifice makes me cherish my beloved books all the more.


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What a great idea! I plan to buy a bunch of trees to eco-balance the copies of my new book that were sent to me. Thanks!

How cool Mary,
I just ran over to take a peek at your new book, Growing Toward Balance on your blog and saw that the cover has a tree on it, ...even more cool to slap on the eco-stickers! Good luck with book sales --- and "balancing"

You've got to admire the work of online companies like Eco-Libris, BookSwim and BookMooch. Together, they're showing you can be book lovers how to make greener reading choices!


- Aaron Dalton, 1GreenProduct.com

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