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Spiritual Blog Reviews

spiral visionsI had the honor of having my blog reviewed by Darcy, Spiritual Blog Reviews, a few days ago. Her blog is dedicated to publishing reviews of spiritually-centered blogs. Darcy says "All of the blogs reviewed here are good blogs with authors that are truly in touch with their own personal quests."

Not only can you stop by Darcy's blog and read the flattering review she gave Spiral Visions, but she will likely introduce you to some delightful blogs that you've yet to stumble upon on your own. This reminds me, I need to get my blogroll back in place. It went to the wayside when my old blog software went wacky. I wish Movable Type had a built in blogroll widget.

BTW - You'll discover that Darcy has a talent for flattery. I'm betting that she's the type of person who goes out of her way to find something nice to say about everyone, even those stinkers most folks would rather not associate with. I especially like the format of her reviews. She includes a screenshot of the blog that is the subject of her review, and also writes a personal note about "Something that touched me" before getting down the actual review.

Darcy's spiritual path apparently involves "gathering" -- she's definitely the person I would want to have with me whenever I went trampling through the woods on my berry picking expeditions. I imagine she would have a natural knack for finding the biggest juiciest berries.

Thank You Darcy, for making me feel special!

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I would have to say that one of the biggest "gratitudes" in my life is for the small beauties I encounter each day. This post is most certainly one of them. (But just for the record, everything I said in my review was true!)

Anytime you want a berry picking partner, please feel free to call me. While I find the big, juicy ones, I also tend to eat them yummily before they go in the pail! Alas, I have not quite learned the fine art of discipline.

Many thanks for your lovely post...


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