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Body, Mind, and Spirit Studio in The New Tama Building

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Christine Trochesset, Tribal Attitude Troupe Director, recently invited me to attend the Grand Opening of the Body, Mind, and Spirit Studio earlier this month. The studio is located on the second floor of the The New Tama Building in Burlington, IA. I was unable to attend as I had hoped....but I'm really happy to know about this new "healing place" available in my neck of the woods. I participated in some belly dance sessions taught by Christine at the The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship last year. I had a lot of fun jiggling my hips about even if I wasn't the most coordinated participant. I'll have to check out Christine's new location sometime soon.

Tribal Attitude is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to promote various aspects of Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian, and American Tribal Style Dance through the sharing of knowledge. By providing an opportunity for study and research in costuming, music, history, the development of the dance, and culture, the troupe hopes to improve the image of the dance as a performing art form...


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