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Carnival of Healing #149 - Celebrating Third Year Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Carnival of Healing!

Welcome to this very special Birthday Celebration Edition of the Carnival of Healing. This week the Carnival of Healing celebrates its third birthday. It has been quite awhile since I hosted the carnival here at my personal blog. Although, Spiral Visions played a very important role in the beginning weeks of the Carnival of Healing.

I was kind of bummed out that no one had volunteered to blog this week's carnival edition because I didn't want to have one more thing to do. I was thinking about family coming for an overnight stay for this weekend, an upcoming vacation to plan for, routine deadlines to meet, and several other pesky tasks to do. But, since no one volunteered for this Saturday and I was the carnival organizer, then the chore of hosting landed on my shoulders by default. Yes, I confess that I was thinking about hosting the carnival as A CHORE. Guilty!

Feeling burdened about hosting made me start questioning why I ever started up the carnival in the first place. Blog carnivals are meant to be fun and inspirational and function as a community project. And here I sat feeling pitiful and not wanting to participate. I was in no mood for organizing the carnival. That's not how a carnival is suppose to make you feel. Organizing a carnival is suppose to be exciting, like preparing for a party at your house and inviting your best friends. Right? When I started wondering about why I started up the carnival it eventually dawned on me that the carnival itself was nearing a birthday. And then it HIT ME, not nearing its birthday. It was already its birthday.

The Carnival of Healing's debut was on July 30, 2005

And to think that I almost missed this three year mile-marker altogether and probably would have if not for that fact that I was forced to step in and host. Wow! You think the Universe had that planned? They say there is a reason for everything. It is very appropriate that I get the honor (not the chore) of hosting the Birthday Celebration Edition. I feel so much better now. I knew that reviewing all the carnival submissions was going to take some work, but I needed reminding that a labor of love is so much easier to stay on task with than what is viewed as a chore. This was the lesson I took away from this experience, WORK is a four letter word and LOVE is a four letter word. Find the LOVE in your WORK and it will feel like another four letter word - PLAY!

I also feel very appreciate of the many bloggers that have raised their hands over the past three years volunteering their time to serve as hosts. To show my gratitude I am linking to each of them in an HONOR ROLL before getting down to the business of sharing this week's carnival attractions.

History of the Carnival

The first three editions ( 1 2 3 ) of the Carnival of Healing were hosted by me on my About.com blog - Phylameana's Holistic Healing Blog. On the fourth week the carnival became a traveling roadshow, it was still hosted by me but the carnival's first traveling roadshow stopped here on my personal blog. I soon had a couple of pals, Christopher Stewart and Jaelin K. Reece, who volunteered to host the carnival at least once a month on their blogs that helped enormously to give the carnival a good start. Jaelin and Christopher are now partnering with me at About as Ask An Intuitive Columnists. I was soon getting other bloggers asking to host. The carnival was growing and it was fun fun fun!!!

Carnival of Healing Honor Roll

My Forever Gratitude and Blessings are extended to:

Jaelin K. Reece
Christopher Stewart
Evelyn Rodriguez
Lucy MacDonald
Elisa Camahort
Brendan McPhillips
Scott K. Smith
Dr. Deborah Serani
Edward Mills
Ben Spencer
Hueina Su
Cindy Hebbard
Katelyn at Life Without Memories
Isabella Mori
Cardin Lilly Routh
Clara Myers
Tupten Choepel (TC)
Mary Guarino Kearns
Debra Moorhead
Jessika d'Arcy
Ife Oshun
Eric Gray
Astrid Lee
Lola Fayemi
Dee Savoy
Paula G
John Robben
Janet Dagley Dagley
Daylle Deanna Schwartz
Julie Meyer
Jenn Givler
Yael Ernst
Joe Lasiter
Tonie Konig
Cynthia Quarta

A very special thank you goes to Denise and her associates at Blog Carnival for helping with collecting the carnival submissions each week. Denise emailed me to tell me that our Birthday Edition would be featured as their Carnival of the Day on Thursday, August 7th.
What is the Carnival of Healing?

The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Looking Back: Last week the carnival was hosted by Tonie Konig at Libido and Health

Looking Forward: Next week the carnival will be hosted by Jenn Givler at Create A Thriving Business

This Week's Carnival Attractions

Loving Your Emotions

"Welcome the tears just like a farmer welcomes rain" is my favorite quote from Axel G. with a post discussing emotional healing. He suggests Tears, Reiki, Relaxation, and Talk Therapy for dealing with emotional baggage.

Arin Vahanian writes a thoughtful, although somewhat morbid, post about Why It Is Necessary To Live NOW. Arin's blog post was actually one of my favorite carnival submissions this week. It is refreshing to see someone so young (age 30) cherish life so enthusiastically.

Astrid Lee suggests surrendering your worries over to a higher power by writing them down and inserting them in to a Surrender Box or Personal Healing Box

Caring for Yourself and Others

Are you the caregiver for a dependent? Does it feel unrewarding? Is it burdensome? Pamir Kiciman recognizes that being a caregiver can be tough. He outlines four qualities (compassion, detachment, recognition, the long view) needed to cultivate your role as a caregiver tending a dependent person in his post Heart Advice to a Caregiver

Sacred and Spiritual

Kristen McCarthy teaches the power of Opening the Sacrum. Kristen says "The small triangular bone at the base of our spines has much to teach us about our bodies and the way we move through life. We can release concentrated pain in our sacrum and open up to the knowledge of this sacred bone."

Madeleine Begun Kane shares a confession limerick. This is a sweet and cute reminder to cherish the person we love.

My contribution to the carnival this week is the announcement of my new Chakra Symbol Gallery. An affirmation is given for each chakra. Read the chakra affirmation statement out loud or silently to yourself while your eyes focus on the chakra image. The combination of focusing on these images and reading the affirmation statements is intended to help you connect to the life pulse of your wheels of life.

Physical Health and Aging Issues

Dianne M. Buxton reminds those of us who are of a certain age who want to be forever youthful about natural food remedies that can make all the difference. Be assured that the right diet and exercise can help with chronic shoulder and neck pain. Jerome Ryan gives some good advice on how to start up an exercise program. Lane Wright reports that Vegetarians Live Longer. Would you think a potato might be healthier than a grapefruit? Joshua Seth offers a few snack alternatives to keep you on a healthier track. Stanimir Sortirov offers suggestions for prevention of and reversing hair loss . Lastly, don't forget to pamper your skin. Julena gives us some skin care recipes made with parsley .

Mind Matters

David B. Bohl invites you to take advantage of the power of your mind to be successful. His blog article is broken down into three sections (The Spoon Benders, Now Focus on Your Life, and Create an Atmosphere for Successful Visualization).

Ranjit Monga is new to blogging so I'd like to extend him a warm welcome to the carnival. Please visit his blog, Karmic Healing and give him some encouragement. Ranjit gives us the math ratio, 80:20, to aim for in reaching our goals. I think what he writes makes sense. It adds up.

Purpose Power Coach, Chris Edgar, suggests Going on a Mental Diet. Chris gives instructions on how to get out of our heads. Quieting mental chatter does take effort. This blog post is fairly long, but very worthwhile. You might want to bookmark it and go back later for a second review. I know I did.

Medical Mainstream Concerns

Shaheen Lakhan reports on a frightening medical statistic in her blog post The Eighth Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. is? saying, "The eighth leading cause of death in the US is medication error. And though it is well known in the medical community that these errors happen more than they should, are they doing enough to prevent them?"

Massage therapist, Lovelyn cautions readers that Most of the Time Carpal Tunnel Surgery Doesn't Work, "surgery as a last resort" is my mantra.

The birthday party is over. I've blown out the candles and made my wish for the carnival in its fourth year. Thank you for attending. See you next week!


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Comments (10)

Congratulations, Phyl! Your success just goes to show that good things always last. The quality and commitment you've put into your carnivals leaves a legacy to be proud of, for sure.

Well a happy birthday to the Carnival then! And a special thanks to you Phylameana for everything you do :) .


Thank Debra, Pamir, and Greenwoman. I think I ate too much cake! Good thing virtual cake has no calories. ha!

nice, thanks for sharing.

Happy birthday and congratulations on a job very well done. :-) I wish you all that is beautiful!

hearty congratulations! i am very proud to be part of the carnival of healing. you probably know that the carnival of healing consistently comes up on page 1 when googling blog carnivals or similar phrases.

i'm sorry i couldn't help out with hosting this carnival last week; i was just too pooped still from the blogathon (plus it turned out, my second grandson was born).

this is a GREAT carnival, and i love how you wrote about it. thank you so much, phylameana!

Thank you Isabella. And Congrats on the birth of a new grandbaby. Hmm... must have been an early delivery.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your Third Anniversary! I am proud to make a sort of debut in this edition. Hope to continue my association in the future. Great to read such wonderful articles!
Thanks a lot!

Congratulations on making this carnival such a success Phyl. I've enjoyed many articles submitted by so many creative people and would love to host this carnival on my blog! will be filling out the form after this comment :)

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