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Make Your Own Goddess Avatar

One of my About.com associates Patti Wigington (Guide to Paganism and Wicca), blogged yesterday about Panthea's Create-A-Goddess. Naturally, I had to jump into the fun, take a break from my web workings and create my very own avatar just like Patti did. Check out my goddess' spiral necklace. Spirally Cool!


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I am just wondering why is it that everytime I think I have found a site or person who knows about natural ways to heal something it turns out that they play around with such things as wicca and paganism which are things from the devil. When God gives a person the wisdom on how to heal someone why do the people He has chosen get involved with anything that is a product of the devil. Even making a necklace that a wiccan told ya how to make.when I see that a person is involed in wicca etc in any way it discredits her information in my eyes cuz I dont use anything that the devil is a part of. Well thank you for your time and may our Heavenly Father God bless you with His love always.

I am not a Wiccan, But, I am just wondering why you believe that Wicca and paganism are things from the devil?? I don't believe that. Wiccan motto is "Do No Harm."

It's a popular misconception of conservative Christians that Wicca is associated with the devil.

Wiccans worship a Goddess and a God. They do not recognize Satan or any other all-evil supernatural entity.

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