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Carnival of Healing #194

Welcome to today's edition of the Carnival of Healing. The carnival is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality. The carnival home is on my About.com Holistic Healing GuideSite.

Facebookers are invited to become a fan of the Carnival of Healing Group Page! I would also like to extend an invitation to carnival followers to Friend me on Facebook.

It has been awhile since I served as carnival host, but a last minute cancellation tossed it in my lap. I'm not complaining. My turn has been long overdue. Hosting has its benefits... the host gets to sample the punch first before the guests arrive to make sure it is not too sweet or too tart. Hopefully, you'll think that party punch for this edition of the carnival tastes just right me. Set yourself up with a cooling beverage to beat the summer heat and settle in for a good time.

I'd like to open up the carnival by inviting you to take my hand and walk alongside me to Organic Family Circle where Julian Pollock has opened up her garden gate so we can breathe in some lovely fragrant organic herbs. Who doesn't love the smell of Chamomile and Lavender! Julian says "Both chamomile and lavender have natural healing qualities that help strengthen us against other, shall we say - less healthy, foods we sometimes (mistaken?) take!"

More Carnival Attractions

Transform Yourself

BrainBlogger Sajid Surve, DO ( physiatrist, acupuncturist, and osteopath who specializes in musculoskeletal medicine and integrative medicine) writes about the ability of the brain to remap itself when a loss or injury occurs. Dr. Surve says "new research and tools such as functional MRI have suggested that our brains are constantly being molded and shaped by our experiences, and maintain some degree of plasticity throughout life." In his article Reflections on Plasticity he compare the brains ability to compensate when needed to the ability to adapt to new experiences in general. Transformational reading!

EmbraceLiving.Net - Celestine Chua blogs Cultivate Good Habits in 21 Days, detailing a take-action program meant to help you make positive changes in your life that will stick. It is a long post and one that I've bookmarked to return to later when I have more time to digest fully. Lots of good advice, also includes many links to explore further. Celse says "Have you ever thought of introducing a good habit into your life, but never got around to doing it? Perhaps you tried it for 1-2 days, but then lacked the discipline to continue afterward. This is a 21-day program which will help you cultivate good habits into your life."

Peaceful Living

Life Optimizer What are you grateful for? Donald Latumahina writes about violence in the history books and feeling grateful that "People in most parts of the world can live peacefully without worrying about warfare or torture."
The Joy of Living Today

change therapy Isabella Mori blogs about the politically rightness and politeness in our communications with one another not only in our speech but also in our silences. She writes "What is it like when we communicate with peace in our hearts? How does that relate to the art of dialogue and the buddhist concept of right speech?
peaceful communication - problems and solutions.

Fears and Faith

To the Heart of the Matter - Catherine VanWetter embraces four intentional steps (belief, confidence, trust, and inner knowing) to better understand what having faith means. Catherine says "At times I think about what faith is too much and discover that is a way to get hung up in the details of faith rather than trusting the divine unfolding. How to enter your day with intention."
To the Heart of the Matter - Inner Peace Tip: Choosing Faith over Fear

axel g writes about fears of "not having enough" saved up for retirement robbing youth of living their lives more fully. His post Consumed By Collective Fear is an interesting enough read. It gave me something to think about. But axel g and I are not on the same wave length on this topic. Certainly, people do worry about their savings and future lives. I agree with that. But, I'm also aware of the "impatience" in people wanting to have things that took their parents striving for years to achieve. And, as a result, they are up to their ya-ya in debt. That's poor planning. axel g has touched on an old argument in the spiritual community. The argument goes like this. The fancy-free-minded spiritual being argues If we trust the universe to provide for us then why save our money, isn't that showing mistrust? How about living in the now? The frugal-minded spiritual being argues that the universe has supplied you with the means to make money and the brains to spend and save it wisely.

Thoughtful Manuevers

Movement As A Way In - Jenn Givler is one of our veteran carnies here at the Carnival of Healing. Jenn participates both as a frequent submitter and also has served as a host for several carnival editions. I love Jenn! She has a new blog in the works and has honored our carnival with a wonderful post Monday Muse: Be Unstoppable introducing us to this newest twist in her personal life path. Jen says "Obstacles are a part of life - but you don't have to let them stop you."

Optimism Despite Struggle

Joy's Journey To Wellness Joy blogs I'm alive as she struggles with living within the confines of chronic illness. Reading through it you will feel her day-to-day frustrations, her willingness to laugh at her circumstance, her underlying determination to live despite the pain, and her ability to look forward with optimism. Joy, I wish you all the best and a brighter less-painful life.

Living in the Now

The Conscious Life- Post about "living in the moment " - Free Yourself from the Prison of Your Mind WP says "Stories from the past and worries about the imaginary future often leave us exhausted and disenchanted with life. Learn how to transcend the constant chattering in your mind and live a life of freedom and tranquility with breathing meditation."

Beyond Karma - Leave your thoughts behind and click How to Be Awareness Now (Awareness).
Kaushik Chokshi says "Awakening is simple with the two-step dance of awareness and release. This is an easy to integrate awareness technique."

Surrendering to Your Inner Wisdom

The Healed Spirit Blog - Michael L. Pierich posts about following his Intuitive guidance and being led to the place where he wanted to be. He says "It's not up to you to tell your inner wisdom how you want to get somewhere; you tell it where you want to go, and it tells you step-by-step how to get there. It may not make sense to you in the moment, but that's OK."
OK, So How Do I Do That?

Healing Tips

Thank you for attending the carnival. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Looking Back: Last week the Carnival of Healing was hosted by Dave at Tri-Freedom.
Looking Forward:Next edition of the carnival (June 27) will be hosted by Ranjana Jha at Just About Everything


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thanks for the thoughtful post!

Thank you for including my post and for putting this together.

Aww - thank you so much for your kind words! It is an honor to be included in this carnival. So many awesome things shared - thanks everyone!


Thanks so much for including one of my entries in your carnival- I appreciate it and the work you do on this site!

im still blur with Carnival of Healing.

what is exacly mean of this?

is there any big party or holiday special well happen?

maybe you should add plugin to 'notify me via email' to make me get back here to know about this more.

Looks like we're Sprial Sisters ;-]

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