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Carnival of Healing #205

Welcome to today's edition of the Carnival of Healing. The carnival is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality. The carnival home is on my About.com Holistic Healing GuideSite.

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I sifted through quite a few submissions that were spammy, link farms, and prostheletizing tools, which were immediately deleted. Brought to you are the best carnival attractions, nothing less. Here they are:

Daylle Deanna Schwartz continues her Law of Attraction themed posts. This week she discusses taking control of your manifestations. Daylle says "When you feel out of control, it's hard to lose weight, achieve goals or manifest good stuff because of the message you send to the LOA. But you can slowly take control and attract everything you want by changing the message you put out to the Universe."

Anthony Freeman's contributed blog post felt a bit disjointed to me at first, but yet it still grabbed me. I ended up reading it twice to fully get the gist of what I believe he was trying to convey. I guess you could say that this dinner guest wasn't shy about requesting a second serving. What I took away from Fear, Feted at the Dinner Table was Anthony suggesting we take a closer look at whatever frightens us. We should invite our fears to dinner and shine a magnifying light on them so we can watch them dissolve into unimportant matters. And, not only that, but he wants us to also take a closer at our goals and ambitions to find out if these things are really what we want. Surely there is something ever bigger or better to aim for. Well, at least that's the message I got out of it. His post may very well speak differently to you though.

This week Kaushik Cholkshi shares some strikingly intimate details about his Indian heritage and his upbringing in Africa before fleeing to an Austrian refugee camp with his parents when he was a teenager. These were not his darkest days though, his days of discontentment followed him to the United States and reached out far into his adult years. Kaushik feels that advesity brings us to an awakening... Awakening is a continuing theme of his blog, Beyond Karma. Kaushik is a frequent contributor to this carnival. I always look forward to his posts.

On a lighter note, Elisha Webster Emerson ponders ever widening rings in her thoughtful meanderings about circles encountered in our lives: body shapes, coming full circle life cycles, crop circles...

Alvaro Fernandez educates us on the "working memory" or rather the "working memory deficits" that contribute to ADHD in children and adults as indicated in a scientific study. Alvaro compares working memory training and medication treatments for ADHD. He says "Results from this study indicate that working memory training yields greater benefits in WM for children with ADHD than are provided by stimulant medication treatment. Furthermore, memory gains following training persist for a significant period. Because adequate WM functioning is critically important for children's academic success, ..."

Nutritional advice from carnival contributors this week include:

Thank you for attending the carnival. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Also be sure to check the carnival calendar for open dates for hosting a carnival edition on your blog!

Looking Back: Last week the Carnival of Healing was hosted by Rosanna C. Rogacion at Melisma.
Looking Forward:Next edition of the carnival (June 27) will be hosted by WP at The Conscious Life


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