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Demonstration: Resistance to Living a Lucid Life

I think this video depicting a water droplet dropping onto a puddle of water that a dear friend emailed me the link to today (thanks Michael!) demonstrates how many of us resist the universal truth that we are "one with the universe." We cling onto to our false "separate" identities. In the video, which is amazing BTW, you will see a drop of water literally bounce off the top of the pool of water, only releasing a portion of itself at each bounce until it finally has no choice but to totally immerse itself into the body of water and is no longer visible as a separate entity.

I began reading Dreaming While Awake yesterday. It is not an easy book to plow through, but I've been doing my best to digest it. I'm half way through... Mindell explains lucid dreaming (not to be confused with the Westernized definition of lucid dreaming) as a way of becoming more aware of the core energy of life and our connection with every living thing and every object around us, including our shoes, the toothpaste, the neighbor's dog, the air plane flying overhead, the moon, a blade of grass, etc. Mindell's method of 24-Hour Lucid Dreaming is intended to help you get a better sense that everything around you is actually an extension of your SELF or community.

Subjects he writes about in Dreaming While Awake include shamanism, psychology, Buddhism, enlightenment, quantum physics, divination, lucid healing, and time travel (past life explorations).

Random Pages

On Fridays (in this week's case, Saturday) I share healing information or inspirational quotes gleened from random pages found in my personal home library. This week's featured random page is from Dr. Arnold Mindell''s book Dreaming While Awake.

Sentient Symptom Exericise

Mindell gives a meditative exercise for focusing on a body symptom in which your mind follows the sensation (headache, cramp, burning, or etc.) as a means to discover the root of its creation.

"Imagine that weakness, feel it. If you feel pressure, go ahead and imagine some sort of pressure maker. If you have a sharp pain, let that sharpness unfold itself, see it as a knife, for example. If you sense something growing within you, let the growing something pictorialize itself in your mind. Use you own body sensations and let them create images....

Find the roots of the symptom experience, its essence, the very origin of the symptom, before it became a symptom. Imagine the sentient essence behind the symptom, the tendency it was before it became a symptom....

Feel the symptom and go backward, get to the essence at the base of the symptom before it appeared...

Use you own meditative awareness to explore the sentient root of your symptom. Now focus on this essence, using your lucid attention..."

~ Dreaming While Awake, (Chapter Nine: Lucid Healing, Preventative Medicine) , pages 137-139

Dreaming While Awake: techniques for 24-hour lucid dreaming ~ Arnold Mindell Ph.D.

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