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Your Garden Herbs and Intuition

herb garden
Amy Jeanroy, About Guide to Herb Gardens, talks about herbal intuition and getting to know the plants in your herb garden in her article Do You Listen to Your Herbs?

I have several articles about developing your intuition and have also written about intuitively selecting flower essences as a process of inner growth and awareness. This same process would apply in choosing herbal remedies. As you develop a closer relationship with each of the plants in your herb garden you will begin noticing that knowing part of yourself surfacing more and more. You will instinctively know who could best benefit from the healing properties of your herbs.

I appreciate Amy suggesting "intuition" to her readers, who unlike my readership, may not be as open to the idea of having inner dialogs. Sadly, many people are shut off from their knowing selves. Although many gardeners talk to their plants, they don't necessarily think to listen to them.

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