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August 2, 2008

Carnival of Healing #149 - Celebrating Third Year Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Carnival of Healing!

Welcome to this very special Birthday Celebration Edition of the Carnival of Healing. This week the Carnival of Healing celebrates its third birthday. It has been quite awhile since I hosted the carnival here at my personal blog. Although, Spiral Visions played a very important role in the beginning weeks of the Carnival of Healing.

I was kind of bummed out that no one had volunteered to blog this week's carnival edition because I didn't want to have one more thing to do. I was thinking about family coming for an overnight stay for this weekend, an upcoming vacation to plan for, routine deadlines to meet, and several other pesky tasks to do. But, since no one volunteered for this Saturday and I was the carnival organizer, then the chore of hosting landed on my shoulders by default. Yes, I confess that I was thinking about hosting the carnival as A CHORE. Guilty!

Feeling burdened about hosting made me start questioning why I ever started up the carnival in the first place. Blog carnivals are meant to be fun and inspirational and function as a community project. And here I sat feeling pitiful and not wanting to participate. I was in no mood for organizing the carnival. That's not how a carnival is suppose to make you feel. Organizing a carnival is suppose to be exciting, like preparing for a party at your house and inviting your best friends. Right? When I started wondering about why I started up the carnival it eventually dawned on me that the carnival itself was nearing a birthday. And then it HIT ME, not nearing its birthday. It was already its birthday.

The Carnival of Healing's debut was on July 30, 2005

And to think that I almost missed this three year mile-marker altogether and probably would have if not for that fact that I was forced to step in and host. Wow! You think the Universe had that planned? They say there is a reason for everything. It is very appropriate that I get the honor (not the chore) of hosting the Birthday Celebration Edition. I feel so much better now. I knew that reviewing all the carnival submissions was going to take some work, but I needed reminding that a labor of love is so much easier to stay on task with than what is viewed as a chore. This was the lesson I took away from this experience, WORK is a four letter word and LOVE is a four letter word. Find the LOVE in your WORK and it will feel like another four letter word - PLAY!

I also feel very appreciate of the many bloggers that have raised their hands over the past three years volunteering their time to serve as hosts. To show my gratitude I am linking to each of them in an HONOR ROLL before getting down to the business of sharing this week's carnival attractions.

History of the Carnival

The first three editions ( 1 2 3 ) of the Carnival of Healing were hosted by me on my blog - Phylameana's Holistic Healing Blog. On the fourth week the carnival became a traveling roadshow, it was still hosted by me but the carnival's first traveling roadshow stopped here on my personal blog. I soon had a couple of pals, Christopher Stewart and Jaelin K. Reece, who volunteered to host the carnival at least once a month on their blogs that helped enormously to give the carnival a good start. Jaelin and Christopher are now partnering with me at About as Ask An Intuitive Columnists. I was soon getting other bloggers asking to host. The carnival was growing and it was fun fun fun!!!

Carnival of Healing Honor Roll

My Forever Gratitude and Blessings are extended to:

Jaelin K. Reece
Christopher Stewart
Evelyn Rodriguez
Lucy MacDonald
Elisa Camahort
Brendan McPhillips
Scott K. Smith
Dr. Deborah Serani
Edward Mills
Ben Spencer
Hueina Su
Cindy Hebbard
Katelyn at Life Without Memories
Isabella Mori
Cardin Lilly Routh
Clara Myers
Tupten Choepel (TC)
Mary Guarino Kearns
Debra Moorhead
Jessika d'Arcy
Ife Oshun
Eric Gray
Astrid Lee
Lola Fayemi
Dee Savoy
Paula G
John Robben
Janet Dagley Dagley
Daylle Deanna Schwartz
Julie Meyer
Jenn Givler
Yael Ernst
Joe Lasiter
Tonie Konig
Cynthia Quarta

A very special thank you goes to Denise and her associates at Blog Carnival for helping with collecting the carnival submissions each week. Denise emailed me to tell me that our Birthday Edition would be featured as their Carnival of the Day on Thursday, August 7th.
What is the Carnival of Healing?

The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Looking Back: Last week the carnival was hosted by Tonie Konig at Libido and Health

Looking Forward: Next week the carnival will be hosted by Jenn Givler at Create A Thriving Business

This Week's Carnival Attractions

Loving Your Emotions

"Welcome the tears just like a farmer welcomes rain" is my favorite quote from Axel G. with a post discussing emotional healing. He suggests Tears, Reiki, Relaxation, and Talk Therapy for dealing with emotional baggage.

Arin Vahanian writes a thoughtful, although somewhat morbid, post about Why It Is Necessary To Live NOW. Arin's blog post was actually one of my favorite carnival submissions this week. It is refreshing to see someone so young (age 30) cherish life so enthusiastically.

Astrid Lee suggests surrendering your worries over to a higher power by writing them down and inserting them in to a Surrender Box or Personal Healing Box

Caring for Yourself and Others

Are you the caregiver for a dependent? Does it feel unrewarding? Is it burdensome? Pamir Kiciman recognizes that being a caregiver can be tough. He outlines four qualities (compassion, detachment, recognition, the long view) needed to cultivate your role as a caregiver tending a dependent person in his post Heart Advice to a Caregiver

Sacred and Spiritual

Kristen McCarthy teaches the power of Opening the Sacrum. Kristen says "The small triangular bone at the base of our spines has much to teach us about our bodies and the way we move through life. We can release concentrated pain in our sacrum and open up to the knowledge of this sacred bone."

Madeleine Begun Kane shares a confession limerick. This is a sweet and cute reminder to cherish the person we love.

My contribution to the carnival this week is the announcement of my new Chakra Symbol Gallery. An affirmation is given for each chakra. Read the chakra affirmation statement out loud or silently to yourself while your eyes focus on the chakra image. The combination of focusing on these images and reading the affirmation statements is intended to help you connect to the life pulse of your wheels of life.

Physical Health and Aging Issues

Dianne M. Buxton reminds those of us who are of a certain age who want to be forever youthful about natural food remedies that can make all the difference. Be assured that the right diet and exercise can help with chronic shoulder and neck pain. Jerome Ryan gives some good advice on how to start up an exercise program. Lane Wright reports that Vegetarians Live Longer. Would you think a potato might be healthier than a grapefruit? Joshua Seth offers a few snack alternatives to keep you on a healthier track. Stanimir Sortirov offers suggestions for prevention of and reversing hair loss . Lastly, don't forget to pamper your skin. Julena gives us some skin care recipes made with parsley .

Mind Matters

David B. Bohl invites you to take advantage of the power of your mind to be successful. His blog article is broken down into three sections (The Spoon Benders, Now Focus on Your Life, and Create an Atmosphere for Successful Visualization).

Ranjit Monga is new to blogging so I'd like to extend him a warm welcome to the carnival. Please visit his blog, Karmic Healing and give him some encouragement. Ranjit gives us the math ratio, 80:20, to aim for in reaching our goals. I think what he writes makes sense. It adds up.

Purpose Power Coach, Chris Edgar, suggests Going on a Mental Diet. Chris gives instructions on how to get out of our heads. Quieting mental chatter does take effort. This blog post is fairly long, but very worthwhile. You might want to bookmark it and go back later for a second review. I know I did.

Medical Mainstream Concerns

Shaheen Lakhan reports on a frightening medical statistic in her blog post The Eighth Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. is? saying, "The eighth leading cause of death in the US is medication error. And though it is well known in the medical community that these errors happen more than they should, are they doing enough to prevent them?"

Massage therapist, Lovelyn cautions readers that Most of the Time Carpal Tunnel Surgery Doesn't Work, "surgery as a last resort" is my mantra.

The birthday party is over. I've blown out the candles and made my wish for the carnival in its fourth year. Thank you for attending. See you next week!

August 25, 2007

Carnival of Healing - 100th Edition

holistic healingCan you believe it? I hardly can. You'll find the carnival post at About Holistic Healing . It includes links to some of the carnival's Mile Marker Editions before this week's attractions are listed. It was absolutely a mistake that I left the "i" out of carnival on the graphic. I would never purposely leave myself (i) out the carnival.
Carnival of Healing: 100th Editon

August 11, 2007

Carnival of Healing #98 Choices

Welcome to the 98th edition of the Carnival of Healing. It has been a while since I hosted the carnival here at my Spiral Visions Blog. For those of you who have visited in the past you may notice a few changes. I recently dumped my old blog software that had become bloated and glitchy. I'm still getting the new one up to par. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy the carnival today.

holistic healing
The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Today's edition was originally to be hosted by Greenwoman's Wisdom but unfortunately Shannee is experiencing techincal difficulties with her blog so I am filling in for her. I hope she can get the problem resolved soon!

I chose the title "Choices" for today's carnival because the underlying theme of the contributed blog posts seemed to focus on personal choices. And there are plenty of carnival attractions to choose from...

Continue reading "Carnival of Healing #98 Choices" »

July 7, 2007

Good Karma - Good Books

Hugs to Isabella

I've met some wonderful and caring people through being the organizer of the Carnival of Healing. I was surprised this week by Isabella Mori, change therapy - Isabella is a veteran carnival host. She gifted me with an e-certificate for a book of my choosing. This was a result of's good Karma, good books initiative. Isabella asked me if her surprise "shocked the pants off of me." My honest answer is "Not really, I am not surprised to get an unexpected gift". But, I WAS pleasantly surprised to have one of my fellow carnies be the gifter. FUN! FUN! I actually do get little surprises, I call them unbirthday gifts, fairly regularly. Why? It's probably because I'm a great believer in both "giving and receiving." And, that's kind of what karma is all about, what comes around, goes around. I extend my gift-bearing hand outwards, and eventually the boomerang returns. The return "getting" is not the reason why I give to others, but "getting" is about being grateful and feeling deserving of thoughtfulness. Isabella, FYI, I was able to order 2 books using the ecert. The first was a out-of-print feng shui book that looks interesting. It is suppose to have a lot of great photos according to reader reviews. Good "chi" is as good as good karma! The second was a copy of The Four Agreements. I really love this little book. I like to have extra copies of it around to pass on to friends and clients. Thanks Isabella!

January 27, 2007

#70 Carnival of Healing - 360 Degrees of Wellness

The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

This week at About Holistic Healing I posted Six Steps From Dis-ease To Living Better which is a basic outline of how I approach healing illness. Returning to wellness from an illness is coming "full circle." When reviewing the assortment of carnival submissions this week, I felt a strong sense of community with my blogger partners. So many of us ( healers, teachers, counselors, coaches, etc.) are each doing our part in helping others make the turns necessary to complete their 360 degree illness-to-wellness journeys. This circular path is well trodden.


Maria Yu announces her new Web site Chalk on the Sidewalk featuring inspirational quotes.

Debra Moorhead posts The Daffodil Principal: You Can Change the World, One Day, One Task at a Time.

Kimberly Pirtle, Uncover Your Bliss posts Gratitude giving three examples why feeling gratitude can be difficult. She also gives six easy steps to help train us to use gratitude as a daily practice.

Chris, Martial Development, posts, Cultivating Happiness with the Secret Smile , outlining a six-step smile meditative technique.

Self Analysis / Self Empowerment

Edward Mills, Evolving Times, posts Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Mastering Your Attention where he writes about feeling split between wanting to be involved in two activities at the same time and struggling with staying focused. Anyone who has ever felt fragmented or unfocused will be able to relate to Ed's experience.

Patricia, A Better You Blog, posts 7 Ways You May Unknowingly Mess Up Your Life - Patricia advises "Become aware of what influences you and how you make decisions, and become a better you."

Andrea Dickson, Wise Bread, posts, Can I Conquer My Vanity for the Sake of My Sanity?, a revealing post about her fear of being frugal and guilt from acquiring debt

Coaching and Counseling

Erek Ostrowski, Verve Coaching, posts Slimming and Slogging helping a woman who has reached a plateau in her weight loss program to set some new goals and effectively to become happy regardless if she loses more weight or not.

TherapyDoc, Linda Freedman, Everyone Needs Therapy, posts Divorce no divorce-your kid sharing a case study of a nine year old girl of divorced parents in family therapy.

Motivational Speaker, Craig Harper posts A Successful Failure using his own professional journey as an example of creating something "amazing" in our lives. He says "... that failure is a crucial ingredient in the Personal Development journey. Show me a person who's never failed and I'll show you a person who's never done anything."

Aging and Youthful Living

Robert N. Seitz's article, Must We Grow Old?, submitted by Sean J. Vaughan

Raymond David Salas, Zen Chill, posts Secret of The Fountain of Youth based on practicing the Five Tibetan Rites.

Healing The Body

Paula Gregorowicz, Coaching4Lesbians, posts What Does Your Body Say? She asks "Do you listen to your body regularly or have you been estranged from it since childhood?"

Cindy Heppard, Wisdom of Healing, posts Free Yourself from Eczema and Psoriasis recommending a liver-detoxing program.

Spike, Organize It, posts New Years Detox: A Rethink focusing on cutting out tea, coffee, and sodas, switching to healthier choices such as water, fruit juices and smoothies.

Aparna posts home remedies for indigestion

Baiguai, Kung Fu Artistry, posts, Beating Sore Muscles - Some pointers for minimizing muscle soreness or damage after extremely intense training or workout sessions. A brief list of herbal liniments and simple steps that can really help.

Mental and Emotional Health

Shaheen Lakhan, Brain Blogger, posts Mental Illness - It's Not Talked About comparing mental "pain" to crunching on peanuts with an abscessed tooth.

Last week the carnival was hosted at OptimistLab.
Next week (February 3) our carnival host will be Wisdom of Healing.

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Carnival Archives

December 30, 2006

Carnival of Healing #66: Joy, Peace, Renewal

The 66th Edition of the Carnival of Healing is being hosted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul. Our carnival is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

This week's carnival host, Hueina Su, leads the carnival caravan as it leaves 2006 behind and gears up for the new year. Carnival of Healing #66: Joy, Peace, Renewal awaits your visit. Whether you are wanting to reflect on the past year or embark on new joys awaiting you in 2007 this carnival has something for you.

Last week the carnival was hosted at Evolving Times. Next week (January 6) Wisdom of Healing will be our hosting blog.

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Carnival Archives

October 28, 2006

Carnival of Healing #57: Lost in Good Hope

Welcome to this week's edition of the Carnival of Healing. The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of blog posts on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment.

This past Wednesday, my husband and I went on a shopping trip out of town. He had been sent a Senior Citizen Discount Coupon from a department store that was good for Wednesday only. We both were in "want" of a new winter coat so off we went to see if we could find both warmth and a bargain. We did! On the drive home, Joe missed his exit and we ended up driving several miles off our trail. We didn't realize we had gone astray until we ended up in Good Hope, Illinios. We'd never been to Good Hope before. We still haven't been there actually since we drove on through without stopping. There was a gas station where we could have stopped to ask for directions. Of course, we didn't... because a man was driving the car!! The day was young and we had plenty of daylight to find our way home, which we did. Neither one of us had anywhere we had to be anyway so we simply enjoyed the extra time in the car with one another. The day was a blessing, an especially Good Hope outing. I wondered if I would have been grumpy about being lost if it were not for the name of the town? Good Hope, a seemingly quaint rural town had a delightful Halloween decorations displayed for passerbys to enjoy. The centerpiece was a gigantic inflatable spider... not so scary, but it was funny and made me smile. As we made our way home I was comforted knowing that my life is full of "hope", and for that I am also full of gratitude.

We have several carnival attractions this week, I hope you have the time to relax and enjoy them all. Don't forget to change FALL BACK your clocks tonight...

Let's start off with a a little gratitude...

Daniel Brenton's post What a Difference a Day Makes "is a recognition of the transformative power of gratitude, which is an integral part of healing, of positive mental attitude, and of spiritual growth."

Nneka presents Body Talk posted at Balanced Life Center. Nneka writes:

    ...give thanks for every square inch of your body... How about giving thanks for your nose hairs? They warm up and strain the air that passes down your airways and into your lungs.

Stretching Your Mind

Jacob, Parapsychology, posts 10 steps to improve your ESP, healing and psychic abilities. beginning with DESIRE (step 1) and ending with EXPERIENCE (step 10).

Victor Fam, Towards Better Life attempts to explain "subjective reality" by sharing an experience among his co-workers in his postBeyond Total Responsibility. I'm not quite understanding the connection between the work story example and the concept of "subjective reality." But, I decided to go ahead and include his post in the carnival, why discard it just because I can't wrap my head around this one? Maybe someone else can better explain it to me.

Erek Ostrowski, Verve Coaching, posts Being Effective With People: Part 2 (Speaking Your Mind). Erek writes:

    Cultivating the ability to speak your mind is like learning to tap into your own inner sense of things and articulate that sense. Speaking your mind is telling the truth…your personal truth. The truth that you have come to know through your experiences, your knowledge, and your unique point of view. Truth is subjective, but it can be heard by all. When you speak your truth, others know it, just like you can hear when the truth is being spoken. Speaking your mind in this way, without filtering, diluting, or twisting your words in order to avoid looking bad or subjecting yourself to criticism, is a great strength. People respect those who speak the truth. People trust those who speak their minds.

Your Diet and Health

Ruth, Eating Fabulous presents Probiotic and Anti-Allergenic Properties of Kefir. Ruth says:

    Kefir is a fermented milk product, like yoghurt, and results from the labor of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts.


Linda Freedman, Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, posts Speaking in Code: Marital Secret Language.

    Communication is healing. The meeting of the minds, heart, EYES, is what maintains relationships, and the best ones sometimes do it in secret, with secret language. They have a code. This post spills the goods on how to develop one.

Brandon Peele, GT, posts about his recent break-up in an intimate posting Lessons and Lesions: Relationships Brandon writes:
    " What I now understand is that relationships are vehicles for growth. A constant mirror. A significant other, due to their involvement in the vast majority of your affairs, gives you the opportunity (although at times this “opportunity” seems like a huge pain in the ass) to reexamine your life, behaviors, goals and dreams.

Cynthia McKenna, CounselingBlog, Cynthia shares a few thoughts while preparing a workshop on surviving an affair in her post Emotional Honesty.

Heart Ponderings

Susan Palwick, Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good postsMaking Peace With God, a story about meeting a soldier who was trained to kill became disillusioned with the military/government, went into exile and eventually became a spiritual healer.

Polliwog Bob, bobbarama posts A boy and his tiger... This one tugs at your heart strings, grab-a-tissue.

What’s Age Got To Do With Anything?

Patricia (a grown-up), A Better You Blog posts 15 Signs An Adult Is Stuck Thinking Or Acting Like A 3-Year-Old.

Raymond David Salas, - Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul shares tools for How to Stay Forever Young. Raymond writes:

    The key to remaining young is to drop the concept of “anti-aging” altogether. “Anti” anything sounds like you’re waging a battle or war.

Goal Setting

Reb Chaim HaQoton. suggests that everyone adopt R. Zvi Broide's ten resolutions for our own goals in his post The Fire Within.

Medicine and Patients

Wenchypoo, Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket posts Florence Nightingale No Longer Works Here. Wenchypoo writes:

    Florence hasn’t completely left the healthcare industry…she just shifted her focus. Instead of moving amongst sick people in wards and waiting rooms, she now hangs out where the healthy people are, and where the healthy people go to STAY healthy.

Madeleine Begun Kane, MAD KANE'S HUMOR BLOG posts a limerick she has entitled Attention Wal-Mart ... Patients?.


Simonne, All Tips and Tricks posts Cholesterol Friendly Foods where she gives a short list of heart-healthy foods (apples, walnuts, onions, legumes, olive and canola oil) that help lower cholesterol.

Aparna Beauty & Personality Grooming. advises "Coughs must not be suppressed and should be allowed to run its normal course. In fact ‘coughs’ are good for the lungs. The phlegm should be expelled out."
Home Remedies for cough.

The story of "Sleeping Beauty" came to mind when I was reveiwing Vishal P. Rao's two carnival entries this week, Holistic Approach to Healthy and Beautiful Skin and Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia.

That's all Folks!
Thank you for attending our carnival.

Looking Back: Last week the carnival was held at Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul.

Looking Forward: Next week (November 4) I'll be hosting the carnival at About Holistic Healing.

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Carnival Archives

October 21, 2006

Carnival of Healing #56

The 56th edition of The Carnival of Healing, hosted by Hueina Su has been posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul.

Hueina says if you wish to nurture others " is extremely important to nurture & heal yourself."

This is her first time hosting our carnival and she's done a great job categorizing all the carnival attractions into three areas: Mind, Body, Spirit.

Looking ahead: Next week (October 28) I will be hosting the carnival here at Spiral Visions.

Looking back:
Last week the 55th edition of our carnival (Wishbones) was hosted at About Holistic Healing.

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Carnival Archives

October 7, 2006

Carnival of Healing #54: Self Care

Welcome to our 54th edition of the Carnival of Healing. "Taking Care of Yourself" is the underlying theme of most of the carnival submissions that trickled in this week. It is important to remind ourselves often to be mindful of our own needs. It is not a selfish act to take care of ourselves. We are not of much help to our family or others when we let ourselves get down-trodden from self-neglect.

Weathering A Potential Storm

Patricia, A Better You Blog, posts Waiting on a Biopsy: How to Handle Uncertainy. She writes: first reaction is fear. My natural instinct wants to give in to my old habit of worrying about what might be. I have learned, however, that life is better when I ride with the waves rather than swim against the current. So I choose to float along, keep my head above water, and wait out the storm. And I find I am remarkably at peace.

This is a beautiful and thoughtful posting --- don't miss it. Patricia's personal post gives good insight on weathering the storm that may or may not hit.

De-stress Yourself

Ricky, Redneck Health, posts about rediscovering playing Nintendo as a way to relieve stress in his post Video Game Therapy He writes:

Escape the rat race for a few hours, and revisit your stress-free childhood by stomping the be-jesus out of a few flying turtles or something.

Ya know, I never really GOT Nintendo. I thought it was probably more of a guy thing, but my grown daughter has proved me wrong about that. She enjoys playing video games. I personally don't get a lot of relaxation from flashing colors and zapping or crashing noises. To each his own paradise I guess.

Whine Therapy

Phil for Humanity suggests Complaining is Good for You - Huh? Well, It guess it's okay to whine if you do your complaining with a postive attitude. How's that? Phil writes:

If you are not in the habit of complaining, give it a try. See how much stress is removed from your shoulders. I recommend that you try complaining to yourself, your best friend, or your spouse. First, try just complaining about traffic or the weather, but try staying in a positive attitude. Instead of saying “the weather is awful”, try saying “I hope the weather improves.” You will quickly find that just talking about it makes it less depressing.

My complaint with this post is that I can't SEE the post very well with its black text on dark green background. I had to "highlight select" the text to be able to read it. I sure wish more bloggers and webmasters would test the views in several different browsers for better user experience. Humpppff!!

Energy Medicine

Elise Lebeau, An Inspired Life Traveler posts
Is Intuitive Energy Healing a solution to the Health Care crisis?
This blog post is a testimony of a migraine sufferer who found miraculous relief from an energy healing session. Elise writes:

Intuitive Energy Healing is not about getting rid of traditional medicine. On the contrary, they work beautifully hand in hand! If we could clear up emergency rooms with some Intuitive Energy Healing, then those who do need traditional medicine would get access to it so much more easily!

Home Remedies

Aparna, Beauty and Personality Grooming, posts Home remedies for wounds. She lists nine ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of minor cuts, abrasions, bleeding, and, burns.

Dietary Choices
Wenchypoo posts An Engineer Dismantles the Food Guide Pyramid (L-O-N-G). Oddly enough the whole discussion between Wenchypoo and her husband about the so-called "fudge-factor" (room for error) in the government developing the Food Guide Pyramid got me to thinking about The Fudge Factory. I'm certain that's not what was intended but that's what happened to me.

Joanne Hay, Nourished Magazine, posts Anti Fatigue Factor of Liver. This is a health post about the benefit of taking raw liver pills as a superfood supplement to boost your energy.

Coffin Insights

Michelle, American Inventor, posts a pre-Halloween blog entry, 10 Valuable Life Lessons ...Learned from Coffins. This is a clever and interesting post... included photos of interesting coffin choices. Would you like to have your body laid to rest inside a gold-leaf pod?

Heal Yourself First

Hueina Su, Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul, announces her Intensive Self-Care Kit (free-download) She writes:

Self-Care is an act of self love and self respect. Intensive Self-Care is essential to your survival and well-being, and it's critical when you are in a nurturing position. It's like putting on your own oxygen mask FIRST before you help others, when the plane is in trouble. Sadly, many people (especially moms) focus all their time and energy on taking care of others, they forget to nurture themselves. As a result, they feel overwhelmed, stressed, burnout, or even get sick, and their loved ones suffer with them. This "Intensive Self-Care Kit" provides you insights, tips and practical tools to help you practice Intensive Self-Care, reduce stress, restore inner peace, manage life's changes with ease, achieve work/life balance, and live a more purposeful life. It's a valuable resource for anyone. "Heal yourself first before you heal others"

Thank you for attending today's carnival. Please keep reminding yourself that Self Care is important.

Looking Back: Last week the carnival was hosted by at Live Consciously.

Looking Forward:
Next Saturday (Oct. 14) I will again serve as host for the carnival, this time the Carnival of Healing returns home to About Holistic Healing.

October 4, 2006

Carnival of Healing #53

The 53rd edition of The Carnival of Healing has been posted at Live Consciously.

This is Ben Spencer's first time hosting our carnival. He did a good job of introducing us to each blog article featured in the carnival. Ben says "What makes these Carnivals so great is the diversity of the articles and the passion each Blogger brings to their work." Be sure to visit the carnival and click through to the topics that interest you. And, don't forget to explore more of Ben's Live Consciously Blog while you're there. It's the weekend! Plenty of time for exploration.

Carnival attractions include health diet suggestions, yogic breathing, preview of a not-yet-published book about a mother coping with the suicide of her teenaged daughter, and a posting about ethnocentricism.

Carnival Content Call: Next week (October 7) I will be hosting the carnival here at Spiral Visions so be sure to come back then to browse all the new carnival attractions. Also... submit your blog posts to be included in the carnival.

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Carnival Archives

September 23, 2006

Carnival of Healing #52: A Time of Balance

The 52nd edition of The Carnival of Healing has been posted at Evolving Times.

Edward Miller says "The entries for this edition tie in beautifully to this time of year. They provide us with insightful ways to deepen our self-awareness, as well as practical reminders of how to nurture our dreams as well as our bodies."

All the season have their perks. But, autumn is my favorite time of the year so the folding up of summer until next year is okay with me. I love all the colorful changes from the leaves falling from the trees to the orangey sunsets. It is refreshing to soak up the crisp evening air. I especially look forward to October's Harvest Moon. Ohhh... and the intoxicating sweet taste of apple cider... my mouth is watering.

Looking ahead: Next week (September 30) our carnival will be hosted at Live Consciously. If you are interested in hosting a future carnival here's where to sign up.

September 9, 2006

Carnival of Healing #51: Life Death and Rebirth

The 51st edition of The Carnival of Healing has been posted at Other Lights. Scott K. Smith, today's carnival host, chose the theme of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Experiencing a panic attack spurred Scott into thinking about the cycles of life. In his intro to the carnival Scott writes:

    One Wednesday I woke up, on the border patrol of “holy shit I am having a panic attack” because it struck me with a quintessential realism that my body will fade and end. My time here is limited so, Scotty my boy, What are you going to do with it?

Carnival attractions are many so get your cup of tea brewing before you get started. Not all entries focus on life and death. Submissions with a general theme of healing, spirituality, or self-empowerment are routinely included in our blog carnival regardless of the theme.

My favorite picks from Scott's carnival are:

Looking ahead:

August 26, 2006

Carnival of Healing #50 - String Cheese

Hey everyone - it is carnival day!! The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment.The Carnival of Healing is celebrating its 50th edition. Wowee! Fifty is a nice fat round number. I normally refrain from posting a laundry list style carnival whenever I host but I've been traveling this week and am playing a bit of catch up so that's my excuse for being less than creative. Just to make it interesting I will dub this carnival "String Cheese" for no reason at all. I'm really not trying to string anyone along. Wow... we have lots of great entries!

The 49th edition of our carnival was hosted by Edward Mills at Evolving Times. He has become a Blog Carnival enthusiast and has started up his very own carnival - here's the first edition:Law of Attraction Carnival

Scott Smith, Other Lights, will be hosting our next carnival on September 9. His theme is "Life, Death and the Sacred Transition." If you are interested in hosting a future carnival here's how to sign up. Meanwhile... let's explore today's carnival attractions. - Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul posts The Allergy (water) Cure recommending F. Batmanghelidj's book Your Body’s Many Cries For Water. F. B. suggests drinking a combination of water and sea salt based on your body weight. Hey, if you are an allergy or asthma sufferer this remedy might be worth a trial. But, you will have to give up caffeine.

Ben Spencer, Live Consciously, posts Creating Lasting Change. Ben is making strides in changing his perspectives, owning up to his personal accountability of the types of energy that the universe sends his way. He says energy moves like a boomerang. Whatever energy (positive or negative) is sent out mimics the energy that gets thrown back at you. *nodding in agreement* Ben attributes Steve Pavilina's Personal Development Blog (specifically the post Law of Attraction) for his changing views.

Patricia, A Better You blog, posts Managing Stress, How to face your challenges and succeed with these 5 steps to managing stress; triumph in adversity, from everyday pressure to tragedy and trauma. "Could you use a more efficient system for managing your stress? " Couldn't we all?

Alex, Have Passport, Will Travel, posts Gastric Bypass (or something like that). Alex is seeking comments from others who have undergone this same procedure as a way of support for a friend of his who underwent this surgery.

Kenneth lim (who considers himself to be 70% -80% vegan), Kenneth health & spiritual blog, posts 3 main reasons to be vegan... Hmmm, I'm wondering if Kenneth has a fear of baldness?

Garoth Thorp, Forest Of Thought postsRelaxation And Calm Make Life Reeealy Easy This blog entry offers philosophies, actions, solutions, and maintenance subtopics to help you switch from being worrisome to becoming calm.

Paul Mernon, Infrared Sauna Info, posts Choosing infrared sauna if you have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). This article presents Paul's thoughts and tips on how a person with MCS can approach the task of choosing an infrared sauna for supplementary treatment.

Evelyn Rodriguez, Crossroads Dispatches, posts Like A River, Life. Evelyn says her post is about a recent event that reinforced the wisdom in living in the moment, absolving oneself of control-freakness, and abiding in stillness.

Dr. Herczeg Janos offers a non-blog article Life Forecast Health Tips: A medical skeptic filters the medical literature and presents simple and useful health and nutrition advice covering topics ranging from cancer and heart disease prevention, to diet and food, exercise, losing weight and blood tests.

Madeleine Begun Kane, Mad Kane's Humor Blog, posts De-Stress Or Distress? Offering tips on what NOT to do. (New Age humor)

Christine Kane posts Are You Hook-able? Some good thoughts here about how words can be used to bring about an emotional reaction from others. Also advice on un-hooking the hooks that charge up our emotions.

Questallia posts How I Quit Smoking - Advice from a quitter.

Dr. Deborah Serani posts The Rich Rewards of Pro Bono Work which looks at the benefits we reap for ourselves when we volunteer to help others.

Elaine Magee, Healthy Recipes, posts Another Reason To Eat Soy. Elaine is requesting comments on simple ways that you incorporate soy into your healthy menus.

You have come to the end of today's carnival attractions. I hope that you found more than a couple that peaked your interest. See ya next time!

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August 12, 2006

Carnival of Healing #49: Healing VS Allowing

Today's Carnival of Healing is being hosted by Edward Mills at Evolving Times. His theme for the carnival is Healing VS Allowing. I like it! Why do I like it? I like it because the concept of "allowing" is very much in keeping with "surrendering" but the word (allow) is so much more POSITIVE. By allowing we open ourselves up to acceptance and willingness to just be. Surrendering also indicates a willingness to be open and accepting, but the tone feels as if you are giving up or losing a part of yourself. Allowing simply sounds more affirming.
The carnival attractions are interesting, as always, so don't overlook the opportunity to browse the links. This is Edward Mills first time hosting the carnival so give him a friendly welcome. He invites your comments.

Next week I'll be hosting the carnival here at Spiral Visions. Send me your carnvial submissions by Thursday August 24 to be included in my carnival.

June 3, 2006

Carnival of Healing #44: Transitions and Pathways

Welcome to today's Carnival of Healing - The Carnival of Healing is a round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment.

I'll begin the carnival with my personal posting Bat Totem Visitations. Having been visited by BAT three times this week I wonder what opportunity awaits me.

    The bat totem can trigger change or transformation. Its visit can be a warning that change will soon occur and not to be afraid. Sometimes the bat is a symbol for facing ones fears. It can also indicate a time of an awakening because the bat, a nocturnal mammal, awakens in the dark. Its presence can illuminate a dark shadow. It can also be a sign of opportunity.

It certainly doesn't surprise me that I am nearing a transitional period in my life. Recently I have felt as if I've been sitting in a place of non-flow or stagnation. Not a debilitating stuck place feeling, but more of a restful place feeling. A resting period is when you are allowed to prepare for something that is being built. It's hard to describe but I recognize the feeling. The first time I ever experienced it I was actually scared that my life had no meaning. I had no desire, no push, nothing in my life that needed managed. I've since learned to sit back and enjoy the quietness of the rest period allowing the transition to unfold naturally. This is really another lesson in living in the present. Asha_sahana, Spiritual Scatterings, reminds me of this in her post The here and now:
    When we learn how to live in the present our preoccupation and pain with the past fades. There are many benefits to living the here and now.´´ We discover concentration and clarity in whatever interlectual activity we do. We cease the useless fight against things that are out of our control.

I'll do my best to keep myself focused on the present. I'll likely need my restored energies once the ball gets rolling again and I find a new pathway has opened up for me. For now, I can relax, as the time gets closer for the new opportunity to present itself I will probably get giddy with anticipation.

Our carnival will also be making a transition. I've decided to switch it to a bi-weekly event through the summer months. The next carnival will be held in two weeks on June 17 hosted by Scott Smith at Other Lights. Scott asks "Where Do You Shine Your Light?" Please send in your carnival submissions in by June 14th to be included in Scott's carnival. Last week New Moon Manifesting carnival was hosted at Intuitive Innovations, If you missed it... it is not too late to visit.

Let me know if you care to host one of our summer carnivals on your blog.

Now, on with the rest of today's carnival attractions:

Down The Garden Path

Anup Menon, Angel_o_Health, posts Flower Power, reminding us of the healing and nutritious properties of flowers. I'm a lover of flowers myself, garden flowers and wildflowers. I still remember collecting flowers for my the pressed wildflower scrapbook that I made it as part of earning a badge when I was a girl scouts. A favorite was Queen Anne's Lace. It was a wonder that such a delicate lacy blossom to be bestowed a royal name.

When Your Path Forks Into Two Paths

Jodie Foster, Intutivie Innovations, writes about the emotional choice of leaving a relationship when the path you had walked together no longer serves you in her post Healing Lost Relationships.

    As we spiritually evolve, we come across many forks in the road. I like to call them different levels of attainment. It's when we have learned something powerful and are ready to go on to something new. Those people who are with us aren't necessarily ready to travel to that next level with us.

A Path Paved With Golden Abundance

Christine Kane blogs about the Law of Attraction in her post Building A Relationship With Money. She asks readers to examine their old beliefs and patterns about money and gives tips on using affirmations. It is an extra long post, she describes guilt feelings of being a teenage shoplifter and how she resolved those issues by cleaning up her past actions by making amends. This is an interesting post for anyone who has ever had issues about money. - Who hasn't???

Inspirational Reading Path

Brandon Peele , entices us down-the-path toward enlightenment with his review of the book Integral Yoga.

Exploring The Secret Pathway

Kenneth Lim writes a review of the movie, The Secret, a movie about the Law of Attraction. I wonder how this movie compares to Pay It Forward? Guess I'll have to get a copy of the DVD and find out!

Choosing A Spiritual Path

Reb Chaim HaQoton writes a lengthy post on Becoming a Jew.

A little bit of synchronicity - I was watching Larry King this past week, Elizabeth Taylor was his guest. She was promoting her new diamond jewelry line. I hadn't realized that she converted to Judaism several years ago. And speaking of controversial celebrities in highlighted under the media's scrunity lately, Madonna also converted to Judaism through her study of the Kabbalah.

Carnival Midway Path

Today's carnival has come to an end. Thank you so very much for spending time here and exploring all it has to offer. May you always find your way... please journey back for our next carnival as it travels across the blogosphere.

April 29, 2006

Carnival of Healing #39: Taking Positive Steps

Welcome All to the 39th edition of our carnival. The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of articles, posted by various bloggers on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment.

Next Week: Dr. Deborah Serani, has stepped up to host our May 6 carnival. She has chosen the theme "Healing The Psyche." Send in your submissions before Thursday, May 4th at midnight ET to have your blog posts included in her carnival.

This Week: The underlying theme that evolved from the carnival submissions received seem to steer us into changing directions and dumping our negative impulses. Great! Step upwards, let's get moving into positive places!

Changing Your Relationship With Food
Jon Tillman, Silent in the Morning, has begun a weekly series of blog posts dubbed "Food Friday" on Changing Your Relationship With Food. His focus is on nutriton rather than dieting.

"Be A Better Tree For Your Apples"
Wenchypoo says has some harsh comments for obese parents of obese children. Her blog post is commentary on the TLC show Honey We're Killing The Kids. I haven't seen the show myself, but when she compares the premise of this airing to the Nanny Show -- right off the bat, I say, no thanks to watching it. Obesity is a BIG problem, but exploiting at-risk families for monetary gain or ratings is not the way to go.

Reducing The Bad Chi In My Office
I have been making some positive chi changes in my home office this week based on some Feng Shui intentions. Details are posted over at my About Holistic Healing Blog. I even incorporated a statue of Amitabah (Buddha of Light) in my bedroom. Amitabah can be used in Feng Shui as a remedy for areas of lost chi.

Releasing Old Beliefs
Mike Eggleston, Consciousness, Spirituality & Infinite Knowledge, posts Intention Is Everything. Mike says:

You have to release the old belief systems you cling to, the old resentment and let go. If you are harboring feelings of anger towards someone or some event then until that anger is released and you make peace with it, it will always be a blockage and you will not truly move on from it. It is important to remember, there are no regrets, there are only lessons, and it is what we learn from those experiences that shape the direction we are to travel on the path.

Stop Allowing Media Hysteria and Hype To Make Your Fearful
What does Chicken Little and your cholesterol have to do with prostate cancer? article Cholesterophobia, Prostate Cancer and Faith Based Science outs the pharmaceutical and medical industries for slanted study results being reported that put fear in front of the public face.

Squashing Negatives
Steve Pavlina shares five steps he takes to take the energy of anegative thought and rechannel it into a positive thought. I got a chuckle out of his analogy to consider how an HTML Redirect Code replaces one page for another when understaning how to switch a postive image for negative one. If we could only get rid of all those 404 pages so easily.

Uplifting Voices of Praise
Reb Chaim HaQoton submits his Holy Scripture entrenched post -- Songs of Ascent

A song is the manifestation of feelings into vocalized words, which represent a spiritual connection to esoteric concepts; songs reflect a belief of the intellect fused with the subconscious righteousness of the soul. Songs are especially used to commemorate happy occasions or to express one’s emotion during a joyous occasion.

Pushing Past Your Habitual Barriers
The final carnival submission that came in this week was from Dr. Deborah Serani, Psychological Perspectives. She posts Stretching Your Comfort Zone. She shares professional motivator, Joe Gilliam, six barriers people use that keep them from making postitive changes in their lives. Sadly, a couple of these barriers sound all too familar. The truth can sting... yep, her post hit me in my comfort zone for sure! But, don't worry, she also offers six solutions to these six barriers.

Thank you for attending our carnival and reviewing the various "Change For The Better" attractions.

Last week the carnival was hosted by Jodie Foster, at Intuitive Innovations. Be sure to visit if you missed it.

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March 4, 2006

Carnival of Healing #32: Embracing Our Selves As Human Beings

Welcome to the 32nd edition of the Carnival of Healing. The carnival is a weekly posting of contributed blogs and articles that focus on holistic health, wellness, self-empowerment, and spirituality.

Next week, March 11, the carnival is currently lacking a host... so please email me ASAP if you would like to volunteer to host. If no one steps in to host it on their personal blog I'll host it again at About Holistic Healing. There are also upcoming weeks that have not been assigned a host as yet. Please check out the hosting schedule and let me know if you are interested in hosting. Thanks!

I have received some thought-provoking carnival submissions this week, the overall theme seems to be about embracing our human side and understanding our inner workings.

Steve, Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog, submits
Why Did You Choose to Incarnate as a Human? - This is a short post about a subject that we have all pondered from time to time. I believe that I was somewhat hesitant to incarnate into my human body. I may very well have been rushed in before I was ready. I'll describe a self-guided visualization I had years ago when I was trying to answer this question for myself.

I visualized the birth canal as a giant slide on a children's playground. I was on the ground standing in a line with several other children waiting for their turn to climb the ladder so that they could slide down the slippery slope. Most of the children were clamoring to get their turn. Me, not so much. I was hesitating. But, I was also hesitant to get out of line and lose my opportunity. After I was halfway up the ladder I had a strong urge to go back down the ladder because I was fearful of sliding into life. With a little coaching (and shoving) from the children who were in line behind me) I took the plunge anyway because I knew that if I didn't slide then I may not have the opportunity again until much later. On some level I understood that there are more spirits wanting bodies to incarnate into than bodies that are available. Wise or not, I slid on in, and here I am, smack in the middle of the human playground. Oh... joy!

Restore Your Chi

Jacob, Parapsychology articles and blog, suggests one minute exercises to increase your energy.

... 2 short and simple exercises that will allow you to quickly increase your energy levels when you feel tired, either at work, in the morning or just about anytime. If you do energy healing work and your energy levels are low, these will help you prepare by collecting more energy just before the treatment.

Scott K Smith, Other Lights, Journey of the Liminal Being shares Gyan: A New Symbol For Healing. I've included a thumbnail image of it here to entice you to click through to the larger image. Notice the spiral or kundalini coil seated in the root of the Gyan symbol. Scott says

"In my healing time today I met what some would call a Goddess, Quan Yin. I floated in a vast cosmos of waters, a pink lotus (my heart) in a constellation of many lotus flowers, all people, drawn to a great blossom at the center. There, within the opening petals was a beautiful healing presence. Immense and yet so full of love and this overwhelming sense of tranquility that there was no fear within me. Her hand was over our hearts, our lotus flower, infinitely and yet it was over so soon. She said to me, 'Gyan' and then showed me a symbol which she placed upon my forehead…"

Pause for Menopause

Nancy Nehlsen, Well Past 50, writes a thoughtful post For the Love of Sue about a woman named Sue who has recently begun a five week sabbatical searching for herself, or at least to find that part of herself that she feels she may have lost over the years while tackling the role of wife and mother.

I fit into the past 50 crowd, although just barely. I turned 51 last November. My doctor says that my blood tests indicate that I'm post-menopausal. "Post" anything sounds so final.... what's that mean anyway? Surely I'm not facing a dead end. I think I'm a far cry from being I'm done yet, but will be happy to say goodbye permanently to hot flashes and night sweats if that is what being post-menopausal offers me.

In reading about other women finding their passions around age 50 I guess I'm feeling a bit like I've done a few things backwards. For many moms it is when the kids get older that they hit the pavement looking for careers outside of the home. It was the opposite for me. I didn't stay home with my children when they were small. I was out into the work field because I was a struggling single mom. Later on, after I remarried, it wasn't until my kids were much older and in high school that I decided to set up a home-office. This year my husband and I (now empty nesters) sprung for a kitchen renovation... DH says we spent our children's inheritance having the kitchen updated, *laugh* - We spend less time at meal times since our children are now dispersed across the states so you might wonder why we would bother to remodel the kitchen? You would think that the last place I would want to be is in a kitchen wearing an apron with my head poked inside the oven. But, the kitchen is exactly where I'm finding myself the happiest. I no longer have to quickly sling hash to feed the hungry mouths and beg for everyone to chip in and help clean up the stacks of dirty pots and pans afterwards. Now I can now linger in my beautiful new kitchen and enjoy a cup of lemon balm tea by myself or invite a friend over for enjoyable conversation over a low-caloric brunch. My home is my haven. I have no desire to escape out into the world to see what I've missed. My self-journey is an inward retreat inside a familiar setting. I too hope that Sue finds what she is looking for during her self-searching sabbatical. I just hope she doesn't forget to look inward while she's out and about.

A late-coming carnival submission came in yesterday from Brendan McPhillips. This entry is a Valentine's Day post. Brendan assures me that even though we are now in the first week of March that it is never too late for the healing power of true love. How True!

Love and Blessings to everyone. Thank you for attending our carnival this week.

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January 28, 2006

Carnival of Healing #27: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Welcome everybody to the 27th edition of The Carnival of Healing. Last week I hosted the carnival on my About Holistic Healing site featuring Sacred Spaces. I've never really thought about my kitchen being a sacred space, but I guess I would consider it the "heart" of my home. The kitchen is where we nuture our bodies with food. It is also a gathering place for family. And although my husband and I are empty-nesters and often find ourselves plunked down in front of the television set during suppertime, the sit-down family dinners we had when the children were still living at home are fond memories. Have you ever noticed how everyone gathers into the kitchen? No matter how small the kitchen we will cram ourselves into the "cooking-hub" to be near the cook, not only to sample the stew and smell the enticing aromas, but just to hang out and converse in a loving atmosphere.

I recall reading once that women like to eat out in restaurants for the "social aspect" of conversation with others. Whereas men (speaking in gender-generalizations here) think of eating out as merely getting their bellies satisfied with food. For the homemaker who is stuck in the kitchen slaving away on meals while the rest of the family is off doing whatever, I can certainly relate to her enjoying a meal away from home. But for the family that shares the cooking and clean up duties, the kitchen holds a special nuturing role beyond supplying nutrition for the physical body.

I was hopeful that my kitchen, that is nearing the end of its complete renovation, would be done by today. But no, I must report that I still don't have a kitchen sink. The cabinets are installed, and along with that is a built-in oven. The kitchen sink and cooktop are missing because there has been a delay in getting my countertops. The new flooring won't be installed until the countertops are in place. This kitchen remodel has been in the works since September, the last week of August actually. I'm getting very weary of the slow progress. And although my "domestic qualities" come to me in spurts I WANT my kitchen to be done so I can chop, slice, and dice some fresh veggies. I've set up a temporary kitchen in our laundry room, but with the dirty dishes piling up in the same room with our dirty clothes... it just feels icky. We've been cooking with various electrical appliances (mini grill, skillet, crock pot, rice steamer) atop of the clothes dryer. I know someday I will find this whole episode comical. I laugh about it already. Heidi Mapp from Frugal Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Warehouse says the funny bone has medicinal properties.

If nothing else, the experience has made me value my kitchen so much more. Not having a normal functioning kitchen in our home has made me uncomfortable. It is as if the "heart" is missing from the house. And with the theme of "heart" the wallpaper I chose for our new kitchen is a subtle sage green colored print with impressions of fern leaves. Beautiful! Green is the color of the heart chakra afterall. I've come a long way in my ideas of attractive home decor. My first kitchen was orange and brown. This was in the early seventies, the countertops were a bright bittersweet orange shade. I chose orange because it was (and still is) my favorite color. But, now I am limiting orange highlights in the kitchen to the foods themselves. So it is lucky for me that Mensa Barbie has provided us this week with a refreshing orange recipe --Salade d'orange--

I was thinking the other day about a Feng Shui principle concerning toilets. The plumbing works of toilets is a function of disposal. It is warned not to leave your toilet lid up whenever you flush because it could likely suck down good energies into the sewer along with your poop and pee. Close the lid, then flush. And don't forget to keep your bathroom door closed and leave the toilet lid down whenever the toilet is not in use. Try out these Feng Shui Tips For Health.

Anyway, now I'm wondering if the fact that I have not had a sink (or the accompanying sink drain and garbage disposal) in the room while my new kitchen is being built that the area might now be clogged with icky energies because there has been no outlet to let out the crap. Hmm... I have heard the carpenter swear at times when things weren't going smoothly. I'm going to open the windows in there this afternoon and let some fresh air in. That should help.

I guess I've whined enough about my "no-kitchen" circumstance for now. I know I'm going to love it when all is finished, so my complaining is silly.

This week I've received a handful of carnival entries that went with my "kitchen-nurture-food" theme, but only the one recipe (see above). Maybe I'll add a few of my own favorites recipes before I sign off on the carnival, probably not, but we'll see.

Elisa Camahort, who will be graciousloy hosting our carnival next week, attempts to stay on theme with her post Thank You Martha Stewart. She admitting says "I don't eat a meal I can't microwave." I'm not sure watching a cooking show with Martha Stewart that has been saved on TiVo is the best way to nurture yourself. But hey Elise, I'm willing to consider it. I'm a fan of Rachel Ray myself.

Jodie Foster, from Intuitive Innovations suggested we visit a couple of her blog postings. She sent me three actually, and I like them all, so I'm going to forget my "no more than two links to any one blog" carnival hosting rule and link to all three. I guess for this week only I'll throw out that rule along with my old tarnished stainless steel kitchen sink. Ha! It feels fun to be a little bit naughty! Jodie feels that the topic of Beliefs and Your Body Image fits well with the kitchen-food-nurture theme I was aiming for. I agree. In a newer posting titled Body image and the myth of perfection she offers an article by Edel Jarboe. Among the list of 12 ways to make peace with your body the only one that focuses on eating food is this one:

    Don't punish your body by playing mind games with food. Food is not the enemy. Eat healthy but don't obsess. Allowing yourself to enjoy treats helps prevent bingeing and keeps you in control.

None of the other 11 listed have anything to do with eating. I like the idea of looking at different ways to nurture our bodies outside of feeding it with food stuff. The third blog post Jodies suggests is her posting about Intuitive Eating. What is this hip new non-diet? This might be worth checking out.

Hmmm... it is past lunchtime. I think I'll go downstairs and scramble some eggs in that skillet in the basement. Carnival is closed folks until next week.

Looking Forward: Elisa Camahort, the hip and zen pen, will be our carnival host. This is Elisa's first time hosting our healing carnival but she's not new to hosting carnivals so I'm certain the carnival will be great!

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December 31, 2005

Carnival of Healing #23: Goodbye 2005 - Hello 2006

Happy New Year and Welcome to the 23rd edition of the Carnival of Healing. In today's carnival I decided to take a look back at the year 2005 since today is Dec. 31.

The First Carnival of Healing was birthed on July 30th of this year, making the carnival a Leo sun personality entity. That's pretty cool! The lion and the lion tamer would be a suitable attraction in a typical carnival now wouldn't it? So would a snake charmer, and the fire-eater. But of course we have not had any of these attractions in our carnival. Our carnival is a Blog carnival and there is nothing typical about blogs.

Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment. Carnival attractions that have been featured each week since July have included links to a wide range of blog postings, all wonderful!

New Year's Eve is a day for predictions and making resolutions. I predict 2006 will be a great year for our carnival! I resolve to do my part in making the carnival interesting, fun, and insightful. This shouldn't be too hard considering all the great blog content ripe for the linking!

Favorite Picks - Blogger New Year's Resolutions

  1. Barbara, Trying To Catch Up, Think[s] think[s] think[s] about making a resolution.

  2. Baitlady's New Year's Resolution: De-Clutter! For every new thing I bring into this house I am going to take out three.

  3. Kiva-Marie resolves to be more Spontaneous. " I'm sick of routine, of having every minute of every day planned out, so I'm going to do more random things just because I can."

  4. Juli, says "Do your best: often times your best is more than good enough. and if it's not? so what? It was your best, nothing more can be done."

Hosting Blogs in 2005

Intuitive Innovations - Jodie Foster
Intuitive Living - Christopher Stewart
Crossroads Dispatches - Evelyn Rodriguez
Positive Perspectives - Lucy MacDonald
Spiral Visions - Phylameana lila Désy
About Holistic Healing - Phylameana lila Désy

Most Frequent Contributors in 2005

Evelyn Rodriguez
Steve Pavlina
Elisa Camahort

Thank Yous and Kudos

Kudos and Virtual Carnival Cotton Candy treats go to Jodie Foster and Christopher Stewart - Jodie and Christopher both signed on to serve as hosts for the carnival on a rotational basis in the early weeks of the carnival. They have been a comfort and a joy to me. The carnival wouldn't be the same without them!

Thank You to Bruce and Virtual Tuna Delight Bites go to Ferdy (both are from Conservative Cat). Bruce and Ferdinand are famous across the blogosphere. They are the keepers of Blog Carnival listings. Their carnival submission form hosted at Conservative Cat is often utilized by our carnival contributors. Conservative Cat's Blog Carnival service, which is offered freely, is greatly appreciated!

2005 Carnivals in Review

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Finale Attractions for 2005

Christopher Stewart points us in the direction of a new Web site, Tibetan Medicine- Healing of Soul and Body. "There is an extensive new website on Tibetan Medicine and its practice. The author, Prof. Pasang Yonten Arya, is a renowned Tibetan doctor, former principal of the Dharamsala Mentseekhang (school of medicine)." I immediately bookmarked this one! If I hadn't been so busy this past week priming and painting the ceiling, walls, and woodwork for my remodeled kitchen I'd probably have devoured half of its content already.

Canadian researcher, lecentre, at Centrerion submits Portion Sizes Linked to Obesity, Centrerion tells Time Magazine He recently discovered that a quote of his from a letter he sent to The New York Times was published - that's a feather in his cap for sure! Congratulations!

Elisa Camahort asks "Do you listen to your body?" - I sure do Elisa.. well at least I try to. My body communicates pretty well, at times it can be fairly needy. I try my very best to be a good caregiver to myself. I know many of us are neglective of our own personal needs. Thanks for the reminder.

Carnival of Healing 2006

Bloggers, We Want You ---> Yes You! Submit Your Healing Blog Posts for 2006
Host The Carnival of Healing in 2006 - Hosting Guidelines

Next week (or should I say "Next Year") Jodie Foster, Intuitive Innovations, will be our carnival host. I'm betting she will start 2006 off with a bang-buster of a carnival. She has already hinted at me a theme that she has in mind. I can't wait!

Happy New Year!

November 19, 2005

Carnival of Healing #17: Aging Reflections

Welcome to the 17th edition of the Carnival of Healing. The carnival theme is on personal growth and inner reflections.

Today is my birthday. Earlier this week I was considering throwing a blog party with lots of fun surprises and serving heaps of virtual angel food cake to all you carnival goers.

But, as I sit here typing away on the keyboard my mood has turned quiet. I am feeling more introspective rather than festive as I consider this life I'm living. Birthdays are a day of celebration. I will celebrate my life on this cold November day. I am sitting here quietly with a votive candle lit on my desk. As I watch the flame flicker I feel a gentle warmth glowing inside of me as I think fondly on my family and friends. I am grateful for my home and all the safety and comfort it affords me.

I have been reflecting on my personal growth in the past twelve months since I celebrated my last birthday. Each year of life has given me new experiences, new lessons. Each age offers new challenges, new opportunities. Much like tree rings and how each ring signifies its annual growth, I feel a stretching, although I am not physically growing any taller, my spirit continues to feels a spurt of growth now and again. Living my life is so much more fulfilling when I don't focus on the age factor. Yes, I am growing older. The alternative to growing older is no longer living in the physical. Life and the other side of life, two sides of a coin toss, I choose LIFE (aka growing older). Aging is knowlege. So much to learn, so much riper an age to rise to. I'll take my time and plod along as slowly as I can since I'm in no hurry to be too wise. Regardless, Crone-dom here I come.

Why is it that whenever we hear the phrase Celebrate A Life being said that there is usually a funeral happening? Don't get me wrong, it is good to celebrate the lives of those who have died by gathering and sharing our memories of them. But hey, let's celebrate life everyday to the fullest. I'm not the only blogger pondering about life and death issues this week. Lucy McDonald, offers guidance for helping others with the grief process this week in her blog Counselling Confidential. And ot00fineo, The Thoughts From My Entity asks "Do You Believe in Destiny?" in her post about Death and Life.

But let's celebrate life while we're living it too!

Joe Vitale writes about an interesting healer in his post The World's Most Unusual Therapist. Ihaleakala Hew Len says that he can heal others by focusing on clearing imbalances within himself. Joe flew out to Hawaii yesterday to attend a workshop explaining this Hawaiian healing technique called Ho'oponopono. I sure hope Joe blogs his take on the workshop afterwards. I think this therapist is on to something. Not a strange idea. Anyone who has spent considerable time working on healing themselves has likely noticed improved changes in those people around them.

Evelyn Rodriguez, Crossroad Dispatches, blogs Of Journals, Journeys, Julie and Julia. She speaks of the healing power of journaling and how life can be viewed as a pilgrimage.

Our personal journals help us record the "tree rings" in our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly growth. As we look back on our entries and read them we see how far we have moved past our sorrows and missteps. We recognize how fiercely we fought for truth and fairness. We may discover what was once important may have faded away... or not. Journaling is healing, and time passing is also healing. And time IS passing isn't it? Oops, I just got smacked with birthday number trickery... isn't it all just an illusion this reality of our... time, age, everything!?!

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October 22, 2005

Carnival of Healing #13: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Welcome to the 13th edition of the Carnival of Healing!! I'll begin with our carnival attractions before I share my cherry-picked links which are focused on "lucky" or "unlucky" number 13, superstitions and old wives tales. Did you know that our superstitions and familial beliefs are stored in the root chakra?

A Healthy Superstition: An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

This Week's Carnival Attractions

Lucy MacDonald shares Five Things You Should Know About Forgiveness on her Positive Perspectives blog. I agree with Lucy that "choosing to forgive" is a powerful action. Holding on to grudges and hatred can eat us alive and cause the pain of our initial infliction to grow much deeper.

Evelyn Rodriguez has "struck a chord (of silence)" within me in her blog post It's Easy to Say No When There's a Deeper Yes! Burning Inside. I can truly appreciate the need to quiet the noise. When I am asked what my favorite music is, my response is "silence." I tend to keep the volume of my computer turned off most days. This is because I get annoyed by some Web sites that have intrusive sound files built into them that will invade my silent space. This noise is uninvited and not welcome. Evelyn says "There is, of course, a place for noise in our lives. There is a place for roaring with laughter and crying out in pain, for shouting at a baseball game and talking with our friends, for singing hymns and saying prayers, for orchestras and applause. But..."

Steve Pavlina, one of our frequent contributors, shares Polyphasic Sleep which involves sleeping in short intervals rather than banking your sleep hours all at once in one longer session. Plus, your actual sleeping time is reduced by approximately thirty to forty hours per week... Wow! The subject of sleep is timely for me because I've been experiencing bouts of insomnia for quite awhile now. Beginning this past week, I have been trying to slip into a healthier sleep routine by retiring to my bedroom at the same time each night regardless if I feel sleepy or not. So, for right now I don't think my sleep deprived body would be a good candidate to give polyphasic sleep a try, but Steve says he's going to experiment with it and also plans to blog his experience. I think I'll keep one eye open (while the other eye sleeps) on his blog to read his thoughts as this sleep experiment gets underway. Steve's Sleep Log - Day 1

Put on a Smiley Face - Working mother, Barbara, Trying to Catch Up, wants to brighten up our carnival with a bit of optimism. She suggests says Happiness is a Choice and suggests you start singing if you find your self stuck in a traffic jam. Barbara reminds me of my daughter, Amber, who also has Contagious Optimism. And if you don't think happiness is a choice, Jodie Foster might be able to change your mind when you read her article Choosing Happiness: It’s actually your choice.

Charles E. Donovan reports in his blog, VNS-Cafe, that he was one of the study subjects in the FDA investigational trial of VNS Therapy in treating depression. Charles says "Vagus nerve stimulation is the only FDA approved long term treatment option for chronic or recurrent depression. These are patients that have not responded to traditional antidepressants or shock treatments. Four million desperate Americans suffer from chronic depression and have no other option except disability or suicide. The therapy completely changed my life and will change the lives of many sufferers of treatment-resistant depression."
Read more...Vagus Nerve Stimulation Studies Prove Robust Antidepressant Efficacy

Elisa Camahort reminds carnival goers that there is still more for us to do to help the hurricane victims. She has posted about some people at the grass root levels that are giving directly to the families with needs.

Mensa Barbie introduces The Herb Doctor, Dr. Richard Schulze, in her blog post Western Herbal Culture. An appetizing image of assorted spices and fresh herbs arouses the senses. A bowl of curried lentil soup would satisfy my taste buds right about now.

Look what the dog drug in. This carnival submission came in a few hours past the deadline, but I decided to include it with a quick edit.
Edited to add: Yvonne DiVita, Lip-sticking, lays out a mundane weekend filled with household tasks that kept her away from blogging. We can all relate to the routine duties that she describes as being overwhelming in her post Jane Gets Domestic. Yvonne writes about the caretakers of home and hearth. I think I'll quickly go strip the bed sheets from my bed and shove them in the washer before I brew that second cup of tea. Afterall, crisp clean sheets are a good night sleep inducer for the insomniac!

Number 13 - Lucky or Unlucky?

BarbaraFromCalifornia, Women on the Verge of Thinking posted Are You Superstitious? as her Question of the Day on the 13th day of October.

Among Rowan's random listings: "I don't believe in superstition like 13 being bad luck or walking under ladders or bad things happening on a full moon. That's just another way of dis-empowering and victimizing ourselves."

Jan Murz blogs Superstitions Part 3 triskaidekaphobes. She gives examples of how the fear of the number 13 is demonstated by our society.

I was amused when I noticed that Wendy Bumgardner, an associate of mine from, who hosts the weekly Carnival of the Walkers, chose to dodge the thirteenth week of her carnival by dubbing it Carnival of the Walkers #12B. Walk under any ladders lately Wendy?

Thirteen (Plus One More For Good Luck) Superstitions

  1. Stepping on a crack will break your mother's back

  2. Bad luck if a black cat crosses your path

  3. Knocking on wood bars bad luck from your door

  4. Bird flying into the glass of a window signifies a death will come to someone in the house

  5. Itchy palms, fortune coming your way

  6. A cricket in the house brings good luck

  7. Fingers-crossed signifies hopes for a positive outcome

  8. Seven years of bad luck after breaking a mirror

  9. It's bad luck to pick up a coin if it's tails side is facing up

  10. See a penny, pick it up; all day long you will have good luck

  11. If you sing before seven, you will cry before eleven

  12. Pulling out a gray hair, two gray hairs will grow back in its place

  13. Finding a four-leaf clover offers good luck

  14. Seeing three butterflies together is a good omen

Superstition and Religion

Warren told Cool Observer, Mickey Z. that Religion is a disguise for superstition

Michael Liccione, from Sacramentum Vitae, blogs Healthy paganism comparing science and superstition as it is looked at in the Christian faith. He says: "What's rightly dismissed as 'superstition' is magical thinking: the idea that we can somehow control God with objects and formulas, or that such things have power that God does not choose to give them. But we had better not lose sight of the truth that superstition distorts."

Thank you for attending the carnival. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this week's attractions as much as I did putting then all together.

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September 17, 2005

Carnival of Healing #8: Infinity

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Carnival of Healing! I chose infinity as the theme for this Saturday's carnival because I can be a freak about symbolism. The symbol for infinity resembles an eight on its side. In numerology an 8 represents infinity, material prosperity, self-power, and abundance.


Lifejournal blogger, thehotpinkheat, reposts Infinity Meditation (I hope she obtained reprint permission).

an infinity of zeroes, a poem written by Penelope Troxell

ThaiKickboxer (aka Kapha Chick) debuts her new blog healing the healer with What's Eye-Yurr-Veda?, opening a discussion about Ayurveda basics. Kapha Chick says: "The (Ayurvedic Medicine) theory is that we have all five of the elements within us: infinity, air, fire, water, and earth."

Accidental abstract painter, Serena, from The Brooklyn Days, writes about her recent painting: for Caroline: gazing on infinity, in a seemingly disconnected dialog about her human insecurities. She says "I don't know why I think people will get sick of me if I continue to exist." I think I like Serena's intensity and honesty.

I submitted my smile to Absolute Infinity's Smile Gallery.
You can send your smile to Karen here

Healthy Dieting:

Open Your Eyes to a Much Healthier Way of Eating
Steve Pavlina at Personal Development for Smart People reviews the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. The basic teaching is to stay clear of consuming refined foods. Steve says "The calorie theory (factor in weight gain) is just plain wrong. The reason that calorie restriction seems to help with weight loss is that if you keep your overall diet the same and then restrict calories, you’re also restricting your intake of junk foods."


Evelyn Rodriguez of Crossroads Dispatches submits One Thing You Should Know About John Battelle, Five Things You Should Know About Yoga. Evelyn likes to pique business people's interest in yoga and provide a few facts about yoga.


    Everything Comes Back. Life is a Full Circle.
    Sometimes the Circle is lopsided or looks like a loop, much like the infinity symbol.

Cynthia Davidson offers an invitation for carnival readers to visit her Website: Wisdom Wheel: Bedrock Principles of Daily Life. Her 1000 day journal is based on 36 Universal Laws. She is promoting a commercial email subscription service. Your cost: ($5 per month for 36 months).

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August 20, 2005

Carnival of Healing #4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Carnival of Healing. This is the first time that the carnival has traveled away from home. If this is your first visit to my Spiral Visions Blog, welcome! And, if this is a return visit, then you may notice a few decorating changes have been done. Either way, thanks for visiting!

Tiger Totem Traits: Passion, Power, Devotion, Sensuality, Healing, Clairvoyance, Prophecy

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So here starts the travelblog entries of our carnival:

Tai Chi Heartwork - Steven Moore writes about "the thinking mind" and "the open heart" in his blog post Heart World. "An open heart produces life: the coming together of things that would normally remain separate. The heart swallows and the resultant energy produces new things. This is the creative process."

Isthmus Nekoi posts systems versus symbols, citing common errors with modern astrology from his her blog, Oculus Divinorum. It is primarily a critique on an Lisa Dale Millers article, Full Moon in Aquarius, Friday Aug. 19.

I'm always on the lookout for tools that help the sensitive or empathic individual from being bombarded with outside stimuli. Jenna Avery (The Art of Sensitive Living Blog) suggests using discernment as a filter so that we can direct our attention to those things that are truly important and discard the rest.

Quintessential Sophism Blog: Molly describes her first sweat lodge experience. She writes about the preparation for the ceremony (building the lodge, preparing medicine bundles,), intentional prayer meditation, honoring children of the world, and exploration of past lifes and past deaths.
Personal Note: Reading Molly's account stirred memories of my first sweat lodge experience.

168 Feng Shui Advisors: The Fish Factor
What I learned from reading this article:
The element of water inside the fish bowl is more important that your goldfish.
What I already knew before reading this article
Don't allow the water in your fish bowl to grow stagnant.

Afraid of the Dark - Essay on obsession people have with evil and darkness.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Truth Realization - Eddie Traversa asks Just how real is pain? He writes about hypnosis.

Crystal Power Blog: Chakra Balancing Meditation - "You can’t overdo chakra balancing, and it’s a relaxing and simple way to meditate."

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