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Spiral Visions - Energy Healing Sessions and Holistic Products

Chakra Balancing Session

Hands-on chakra balancing session that begins with a pendulum
reading of the chakras. This healing process is intended to clear the
energy field of blocks and debris. Often helps the client to address
issues that are holding him/her back from moving forward in their
lives. Approx. 45-90 Min.
Session Fee: $60
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Body Sweep

Interactive session that delves deep into the central communication centers of your body, pulling out blockages and muck. The body sweep process enables you to have a closer and clearer relationship with your intuitive nature by dumping baggage that you have accumulated through birth trauma, childhood, past lives, etc. Approx. 20-30 Min.
Session Fee: $45
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Reiki Healing Session

Hands-on healing session that relaxes the client. Reiki is a simple practice that promotes balancing energies to flow through the facilitator's palms and go directly to any imbalanced areas of the client's physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. Approx. 60-90 Min.
Session Fee: $60
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Specialized Flower Essence Formulas

Lotus Rainbow - Purposely formulated mixture of 7 flower essences to facilitate the opening and alignment of the 7 chakras.

Individual Chakra Formulas - Mixtures intentioned to address individual chakra blockages and dysfunctions to help get them open and spinning properly. Each formula consists of 3-5 essences.
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