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August 10, 2007

Eco-Libris: a means to balance out the paper in your books by planting trees

holistic healingEco-Libris is an organization that is promoting books being made with recycled paper. They are also suggesting you balance one book by planting a tree. This is a simple equation. One Book = One Tree. It works like this: for every dollar you send them they will plant a tree. They will also send you a sticker (made from recycled paper naturally) to place on the cover of each book you have eco-balanced to display your Green commitment. Being reminded that every book I read was created via a tree's sacrifice makes me cherish my beloved books all the more.

May 1, 2006

Carnival of the Green #25: May Day Edition

Hello Carnival goers. I've been anticipating hosting the May Day Edition of Carnival of the Green. The day has finally arrived! Thanks to City Hippy and Triple Pundit for "Thinking Green" and organizing this eco-friendly traveling roadshow.

Last year on May Day I was dancing around the maypole at my son and his bride's pagan marriage ceremony at Backbone State Park in Iowa. We had the opportunity to fly out and visit with them in their new home in Olympia over Spring Break a couple of weeks ago. They were anxious to "show and tell" us all about their newly purchased home surrounded by a small and intimate lush garden. Their new home was obviously well cared for by the previous owners. It is once again in good hands. I was tickled when my 32 year old son (who was only 12yo not so long ago gliding along on his skateboard down our street) proudly pointed out their spinning composter. They are living green in Washington in so many ways.

My daughter and her husband, also newlyweds, visited our home over the weekend. They live in Iowa and also recently puchased a home and are no longer apartment dwellers. I had to smile when Ryan asked me how to tend a compost pile and what types of things to put in it. He also seemed quite interested in the names of flowers growing in our yard for the first time in the eight years I've known him. New homeowners are so delightful! On the topic of renting apartments VS living in a home with a yard, One/Change Blog gives instructions on how to make an indoor compost that doesn't stink. How wormy is your compost?

Tracy, Eco Street blogs about drought in SE England forcing folks to get creative in saving precious H20 for keeping their gardens green in Surviving the Hosepipe Ban. Saving rainwater in a barrel reminds me of growing up and watching my neighbor lady vigorously scrubbing her tawny locks and scalp with suds. On summer days Emily often washed her hair outdoors with caught rain from the gutters.

Ironman, Political Calculations, provides a reality check in response to Yahoo! posting a list of 10 things people might do to reduce climate change.

Whether it's halting global warming, stopping the next ice age, or no climate change at all, how effective are Yahoo!'s suggestions at reducing climate change? Let's get right to it, shall we?

Rebecca Carter, GreenerMiami, shares a couple of videos of a high schooler demonstrating how he makes blankets for the homeless out of plastic grocery bags. It looks like a giant potholder we all made as kids with a hook and plastic loom. She also revisits an earlier carnival offering (February), updating us on the issues she's been dealing with in stopping junk mail from being delivered by the USPS.

Elsa, the greener side, gives a synopsis of her day visiting the Maker Faire (Do-It-Yourself fest put on by O'Reilly's Make Magazine), beginning with her rather long time standing in the ticket line before entering the green gala to see all the exhibits and such. Lots of photos and an entertaining blog read - enjoy!

Scott, Greenthinkers, is thinking "Spring Cleaning." He rolls up his sleeves and cleans our toilets with cleaners made with naturally scented essential oils.

Sue Richard, My Menopause Blog, loves her organic milk from Homefields Organics because it is bottled in glass rather than plastic - no toxic leaching. Another organic milk drinker from The Worsted Witch, discusses the The Oy in Soy Milk. She says Drinking Silk Soymilk will increase your food miles.

Enrique, at commonground posts Back to the Garden referencing (eMagazine's article Growing Farmers Young Professionals Go Back to the Land:

A growing number of idealistic twenty somethings from the gilded halls of elite universities are giving up fast-track careers in search of something more authentic. Unlike 70s back to the land hippy -types that rejected city life, they're seeking to mix commerce with ustainable farming.

Deanna Taylor, Dee's Dotes, blogs Bloggers Unite: Stop Using Utah as a Nuclear Waste Dumping Ground - This post is a green link farm of all the blogger participants in this cause. Dee says "Utah Bloggers participated in a "No Way Blogswarm Day" April 28th to publicly denounce using Utah is the nation's nuclear waste dumping ground."

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen, Jen's Green Journal, is also blogging about Blogswarm - No Way Day - Utah is not a nuke dump!

Al, CityHippy, posts Why do we need roads? - Al has begun a new weekly feature where he asks obvious questions that we take for granted. First up is 'Why do we need roads?'. Obviously we need roads but why has society evolved to the point where all our needs are satsifed from great distances? Why do we not build more logically self-sustaining communities? Also Al wants to flag up the interesting Guardian effort to catalogue the UK's green restuarants and eateries. More info @ CityHippy.

Harlan Weikle, Managing Editor of Greener Magazine, interviews Thom Hartman, prolific author, environmentalist and radio host, about his book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.

Doug Payton, Considerettes, posts Today is the "Day of Truth." Doug says "We can reduce pollutants significantly without signing international treaties. We can, because we have!"

Stentor Danielson, debitage, gets philosophical in the post A Critique of Deep Ecology - "A discussion of my disagreements and agreements with the first four points of the deep ecology platform"

On The Lighter Side, Dawn, Frugal for Life, blogs Not as Green as Kermit. She acknowledges that she is still learning, but continues to plod along in her journey toward greener living. Dawn says "I���m not as green as Kermit the frog but I am learning; right now I���m more of a light grass green. I aspire to be greener, recycling, reducing and reusing more. But until then, I accept my subtlety."

Joel Fuhrman, MD, Disease Proof, posts "A Symphony of Phytonutrients" from Cruciferous Vegetables" - In his post Dr. Fuhrman discusses the protective properties vegetables have against cancer; specifically Isothiocyanates (ITCs), which have been shown to provide protection against carcinogens. Also, Cruciferous (green) vegetables contain elements linked to preventing lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

This is the end of this week's carnival. I hope I fulfilled my duty as host okay. I enjoyed reviewing all of your submissions. Hope your May Day is blessed. I have a May basket to prepare and deliver so I must be on my way. Take Care - Live Well.

Looking Back: The Evangelical Ecologist hosted the Green on April 24.

Looking Forward: Hippy Shopper will host the carnival on May 8th.

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