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How to do an Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an ancient healing technique still being applied today. Ear candling is intended to clean the ears and sinuses by drawing out impurities from the ear canal. The process is not difficult but requires someone to be readily at hand to assure safety.

Photos used in the video at the end of this tutorial are of husband and wife (Morgan Wagner and Cecily Schmidt) demonstrating how to facilitate a relaxing ear candling session.

Morgan begins the process. He says "The process is simple to perform for someone. Be sure to gather all items: matches, water bowl, scissors - before getting started. Choose a comfortable spot and enjoy the experience."

Cecily says "It's a soothing experience. The candle burning sounds like rushing water and the heat gives it a warm, calming sensation. Afterwards, my ears felt clean and clear!"

Cautionary Note: You should never attempt to candle your own ears without someone to assist you to keep watch over the burning candle.

1. Organic Ear Candles
The candles used in the ear candling sessions pictorial shown here are Kansas Candles, non-paraffin candles made from organic cotton and organic beeswax.

2. Supplies Needed
In addition to the candles themselves, gather up protective cloths, a bowl filled with water, a pair of scissors, and some matches or lighter.

3. Tie Back Long Hair
Cover or tie back long hair behind your back. Make sure hair is free of hair spray or other flammable hair products.

4. Protective Clothing
Drape a protective cloth over areas of the body that will be exposed to the candle. If you choose, the cloth can be dampened as an extra precaution.

5. Light Candle
Light the larger end of one candle with lighter or match stick.

6. Insert Candle Inside Ear
Gently insert the tapered end of candle inside the ear. Make sure the candle forms a seal on the ear canal and is in a comfortable position for the person.

7. Holding the Candle
Keep your attention on the candle at all times.

8. Safety First
Always keep yourself and the recipient safe from potential fire hazard.

9. Attending Session
Continue to keep watch over the flame, scissors readily in hand.

10. Relaxing Experience
Close your eyes and enjoy the experience!

11. Cut Ashes
Periodically cut away the smoldering ashes as the candle burns, allowing the ashes to drop into the nearby bowl of water.

12. Not Too Close
Do not allow the burning candle to be closer than four inches from the recipient's ear. Gently remove the candle and extinguish in the bowl of water.

13. Water Bowl
Always keep the water bowl near for the ash clippings and discarded candles.

14. Taking Turns
Candling sessions are commonly done by two persons, each taking their turn.

15. Stay Calm
It is important for the facilitator to remain calm and attentive throughout the ear candling process. The recipient may chose to keep their eyes open, rather than closed, while having their ears candled.

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